Wednesday 19 January 2022


Fellow gentlemen, Yes, we are back into the game.  In actual fact, we did not quit drinking and were gallivanting all around when it is not MCO.  Only thing is, most of it are private parties, local joints and hidden joints. Well, let's start with the some semi hidden joints which you may or not know of.

Heard of a new place and we decided to go have a look in Taman Danao Desa.  First and foremost, do not attempt to go place at the peak rush hours at 6pm. Traffic will kill you.  In anyhow, the girls only comes in after 8.30pm. Bummer. Well just play dice and entertain ourself as usual. Well the inside looked quite nice and cozy despite how it looks from the outside.

We started off from the ground floor (not knowing there is a 1st floor).  Aircond is real cold, there is 1 local PR which is quite pretty (a beautician she said).  As for the ugly side, there is also a MALE PR. Seriously but WTF. We certainly dont look like we swim both ways.  Well, its either them or me and my partner kill each other at dice. Played with him for 20 years is enough. 

There is a 2 piece band singing at the stage, mandarin song mostly.  They are quite good, its just we bananas yet to know how to appreciate it.  Ordered a bottle of whisky and we are surprised with the presentation.

When 8,30pm finally came, we found out that the thai joint is actually upstairs and we could not bring our bottle upstairs, due to different management. Again, bummer. We head straight upstairs and found something we have not seen in doggone. High/Tall sofas in a general lounge area. Reminiscence of those old papaya farms 555. 

There are not many customers and also not many girls (about 4-5?)  However, they are quite fun and quite nice looking. My friend got extra good service as he knew 1 of the girls there. Me, well not so lucky but its ok.  Here's some juicy snapshots. *Sorry using front camera as they insist. No app as it is my phone hahaha. Almost forgot, this place closes at 3-4am but patronize until late at your own risk ya.  Otherwise, you may have to run with the thai girls as well 5555.

Finished a bottle upstairs and we can say its should be original. Price wise was ok, Singleton 12Y for RM588.  Well, everything went up after MCOs.  There are no flowers abut stickers. RM100 to 300.  They will push you for 300, not surprising but it is entirely up to you. 

Last but not least, the summary as below


Parking : free (on the streets) Beer (6 cans) : RM 128 Singleton : RM588

Sticker (Min) : RM 100 Bigger sticker : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : dunno

# of PR : ~ 5? Quality of PR : 7/10 Band : Yes (downstairs only)

WIR : Yes or maybe Overall : 6.8/10 (upstairs) and 4/5 (downstairs)


  1. u sure they are 'girl'? lel

    1. Nowadays, not too picky already....... also my friend swim both ways!!!!

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