Wednesday 19 January 2022

STATION 63 @WRAPZ63 @ Bandar Sunway

 This is the kinda place we meant by hidden joint and you would know know of such place unless you knew someone from the inside.  It is a the middle of a car workshop area and there are no signboard for you to see.  However, you can refer to the outlook of the place below.

Before we begin, this is different feel from all those thai joints you have encountered.  There are thai girls working there, but it is entirely a speak easy joint and have a few beers and play some lying dice.  There are few special feature about this place.  One of it is this place opens as early as 3pm (Yay to those can curi tulang at 3pm onwards but not me) and closes before midnight.  Opens everyday but Sunday.  The waitress/cashier start to work from 3pm and she is quite ok looking if you ask me. Or perhaps she's my type. 555.

There are thai foods and it is quite good and original cooked by thai ladyboss. Price is also very very reasonable. This is the second feature.  Now, here comes the best feature of this place.  You can request for ANY thai songs you like and they will play it for you.  If you like new and latest thai songs, this is a place for you.  To me, this feature alone is worth my frequent visits here. 

As mentioned the pub inside (ground floor) is quite cozy and comfortable.  The only disadvantage of this place is the Thai PRs are not really constant. At times as many as 8 or at times just 1 😅.  Oh well, there is no such place as a perfect place right?  Even when there are 8 girls, the quality is err... definitely not Paramount or W level ya.  But, they are friendly. Here are some sample snapshots.

Generally, I think this is an OK place to chat and have a few drinks and still can smell some thais.  Better than nothing right?  Price on drinks is quite reasonable for beers and liquor.  Oh ya, they only have Chivas 12 years only hahaha. OMG. Well, at least its Ori. I would suggest you have "highball" whole night if you are drinking Chivas.  There are no stickers at this joint, just tips. Raging from how many you want but we think RM100 is usually a good number to begin/end for  almost everywhere.

Here's the brief summary below. 


Parking : free Beer (5/6 cans) : RM 108 Chivas : RM488

Flower/sticker : Nil/tips only      Crown : Nil Tequila (Tray) : RM 150

# of PR : ~ 8 Quality of PR : 5/10 Band : Nil

Singers : Nil Entertainment: 5/10

WIR : Yes Overall : 5.5/10



  1. Just to help update this place.

    Renovated with a stage. About 15-20 girls, more coming in few weeks.

    Now opens from 6pm till late am (depend on customers). RM138 8 bottles tiger. Flowers RM100 onwards (with the usual parade/pageant like flowers giving sessions)

  2. This place is no longer a TFC place. Now converted to sports bar with live band music, darts machine, football to watch and authentic thai cuisine.

  3. Place still going on?