Terminology for dummies

This is like a welcome pack for newbies to the TFC scene. I am sure you are all confused as we were many years ago when we first enter a TFC. 

I remember that I could never understand "flowers" - WTF buy flower? I am in a pub lah..... don't even buy flower for my GF, why buy in a pub!!! So many new terminology to learn!!!!

So, we are listing every terminology we know so that you are a little better equip to go to a TFC!

1. TFC is not a cheong place (if still don't understand - it is not a fuck joint)

2. It's a pub with chicks to company you

3. You can do anything you want as long as the girl is game for it. Otherwise, you will definitely get slap, or worse (I have seen this with my own eyes), get beaten and kicked out of the place by bouncers and manager.

4. It is not compulsory to buy flowers, lady's drink etc (Terminology below lah)

5. More money you throw does not mean the girls will follow you home (or hotel)

6. Everyone is fair game. You cannot be angry if another bro at the next table grab your girl...... tak pro lah....

7. The girls are "Entertainment workers" not "Sex Workers". Understand this but they are also girls. The can follow you back if they want to.

8. Some places do not allow the girls to follow customer back..... pandai pandai lah and pick them up at their apartment/ house

9. If you don't like the girl that come over, just say no when they say they want a drink. No such thing as malu malu. If not, they will stay. It is your fault if a "bad/ ugly" girl sticks to you. Not her fault!

9. Have fun. Just imagine that you are in Zouk and the girls pick you up. Same thing.

Flower Garland

Sash Flower
1. Flower - It is actually a sash (see picture above) and in many places, it have the value printed on it as well. In some other places, it could also be a garland. It depends on the place.

This is by shots but many places sells by tray
2. Lady's drink - In many places, the girls calls it Tequila (but not much tequila in it). In some places, it's just soft drinks in it. No alcohol at all. Most places comes in a tray of 6 but you can still find places that sells by shots.

3. Buy out - In most places in Bangkok, it is also known as Bar Fine. It's the "Compensation" to the club for taking out the girls when the girls are still working. It is suppose to cover the income the Club gets from the girl if they are to work there. You also must be rich if you are considering this! Typical Buy out range from RM 500 to RM 1,500.

4. TY - It means Tom Yum, which also means Thai girls.

5. Popiah - Refers to Viet girls

6. PRC - Chinese national girls

7. WIR - Would I return/ Would I recommend. This is a personal recommendation from Admin or other bro as well. Don't always follow this as WIR is very personal in taste. Up to you bro.

8. K, Happy 5 - Drugs (Cocaine, Ketamine, Estacy). Don't recommend you get even close to this bro..... not worth it

If you think we miss out something here, just comment and we will include it in the list.

We are just TFC lovers, not owners. Thanks bro.


  1. Happy 5 syiok leh

  2. There's this KTV in Ampang( not named for obvious reason) which serves this drink/drug hybrif called "Longan". Fkin strong. From what I heard it's the only place which serves this "special" drink

  3. To my dear friends who are addicted to Thai Clubs.
    Thai Club Rules:
    1. Tom Yum Girls are here for work. They are not looking for a relationship with you.
    2. Tom Yum Girls give you The Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Please do not mistake this for love.
    3. Tom Yum Girls have a daily quota for Ladies Drink. They will flirt with you to meet this quota.
    4. Tom Yum Girls exchange their number so as to SMS you "I miss you" , "will you come find me" ... It is their usual practice so don't think you are special.
    5. It is quite common to bring Tom Yum Girls to supper after their work or even go out on their off days. They are just finding a guy to provide the free transport service,food,entertainment and shopping spree. Obviously they will treat you like their before during such sessions.
    6. Darling or "Teerak" is easy for them to call out to you. Please realize that every customers to them can be a darling or "Teerak" and don't feel that you are the only special one.
    7. Do not prioritize them over your job, family and true friends.
    8. Deep dive into your mind and ask yourself (Its love or lust?).
    9. You are just another customer.
    10. Hurt them rather than getting yourself hurt (That's the basis of most of the Thai songs out there).
    11. Make them fall for you first.
    12. Don't give them your real name.
    13. Don't give them your address or home number.
    14. Don't promise them anything
    15. Don't give them cash.
    16. Don't reveal your pay.
    17. When asked for ladies drink or flower, tell them "Not today, going back soon, another day."
    18. Fact: Singers make from RM5K to RM8K every month. Models earn from 7-10K PRs earn from 4-10K every month. Those good ones get RM15K and above. Plus branded luxury free give. They might be earning more money than you.
    19. Do not believe their sad stories.
    20. Their names is not their real names.
    21. Do not send money to her back in Thailand.
    22. If you both are in love, do be prepared to maintain a long distance relationship.
    23. IF you both are together, do be prepared that she will continue her work as a PR/Singer/Model.
    24. Thai culture is very different from Malaysian Culture. Be prepared to put in the 100% effort to work out the umpteen hurdles from family and otherwise.
    25. Be prepared to support her and give her money to send home if you insist she not work as PR/Singer/Model. You will be supporting her parents, siblings, herself and yourself.
    PS: Above is just reference/guideline. I leave it to your discretion.

    1. Super Great advice to all TFC goers.......

  4. can i join you guys ?

    1. Sure bro but most times, we are not even sure when and where we are going.....

  5. Thanks for the great rundown. I really wished I had seen this two years ago when I moved to KL.

  6. You explain what everything means except for "TFC_ :)

    1. HAHAHA..... its on the site description - TFC = Tiu Fa Cheong = Hang flower joint

  7. May I know what is sticker? Is same as flower? Any special meaning for sticker worth 100, 300,500 or 1000?

    1. The same concept for flower bro. 100 means you are ok. 300 means you are rich. 1000 means you already too drunk!