Monday 7 February 2022

Domain Club @ Scotts Garden

Heard there the some actions returns to Scott garden and decided to check it out.  The place is called Domain or previously last known as Venus Club.  The entrance is located at 1st floor facing Old Klang Road itself.  Do not bother to  walk the whole round as there arent many interesting joint(s).  There is some pubs noticed on the ground floor of the east wing (Decathalon) facing the route to the entrance of the parking but looked abit too dodgy to venture alone.

Apologies guys, totally forgotten to take a photo of the Sign Board but there is a sign saying "Domain" at the entrance.  It just directly infront of old klang road, 1st floor near to the main entrance escalator. 

Firstly, there is some SOP to enter to this place.  Once you go in, there is a cloud of sanitizing smog (good), and also a compulsory RTK antigen test which cost the patron RM10/pax.  The test kit there is is quite slow, so dont cough up any phlegm; just normal spit in the tube will do.  Hopefully you can get a negative result in 10 to 15mins (I kid you not).  If you are rushing for the happy hour package, better go 30mins before HH ends.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

HOTSEAT @ Sunway Mentari

This is certainly a familiar household name to those TFC guys in PJ/Klang Valley and certainly does not need any introductions.  Yes, the place was back in business since Nov 2021.  Finally accumulated some courage to do a re-visit.  Mind you - Covid is a concern but there is also a major concern of RM5k summons, ok?  These old bones are too seasoned to compete (running) with the young thai girls if police come.  

The interior did not changed at all surprisingly.  Including all the seating and tables.  Even found the same shaky table that we used to seat.  Just refer to the photo below. I am not even surprised if the CNY decors are from 2019 Feb pre-MCO.

Wednesday 19 January 2022


Fellow gentlemen, Yes, we are back into the game.  In actual fact, we did not quit drinking and were gallivanting all around when it is not MCO.  Only thing is, most of it are private parties, local joints and hidden joints. Well, let's start with the some semi hidden joints which you may or not know of.

Heard of a new place and we decided to go have a look in Taman Danao Desa.  First and foremost, do not attempt to go place at the peak rush hours at 6pm. Traffic will kill you.  In anyhow, the girls only comes in after 8.30pm. Bummer. Well just play dice and entertain ourself as usual. Well the inside looked quite nice and cozy despite how it looks from the outside.

We started off from the ground floor (not knowing there is a 1st floor).  Aircond is real cold, there is 1 local PR which is quite pretty (a beautician she said).  As for the ugly side, there is also a MALE PR. Seriously but WTF. We certainly dont look like we swim both ways.  Well, its either them or me and my partner kill each other at dice. Played with him for 20 years is enough. 

STATION 63 @WRAPZ63 @ Bandar Sunway

 This is the kinda place we meant by hidden joint and you would know know of such place unless you knew someone from the inside.  It is a the middle of a car workshop area and there are no signboard for you to see.  However, you can refer to the outlook of the place below.

Before we begin, this is different feel from all those thai joints you have encountered.  There are thai girls working there, but it is entirely a speak easy joint and have a few beers and play some lying dice.  There are few special feature about this place.  One of it is this place opens as early as 3pm (Yay to those can curi tulang at 3pm onwards but not me) and closes before midnight.  Opens everyday but Sunday.  The waitress/cashier start to work from 3pm and she is quite ok looking if you ask me. Or perhaps she's my type. 555.

Wednesday 7 October 2020

City of Dreams @ Fraser Business Park, KL


So, out of the blues, a friend of mine says he wants to go to somewhere further. Mana lah tau..... he wants to go to KL City Center. But since I am Grabbing and planning to leave early (like 10 PM), its not a problem for me at all.

So, I left my place in Kepong at about 6.30PM to head out to the City Center. Took me like 1 hour to reach the place! Kesian the Grab driver need to fight the traffic - for only RM 23! Reach there at 7.30 PM and walked in. Friends are already there. As usual, late comer kena 3 shots of Whisky. No problem lah.... now already damn champion for being late. The place is kinda small for a 2 shop lot size. This is because 25% to 30% of the space is occupied with a stage that is not functioning now (still in RMCO mah). This place is purely CKT only. No Tom Yum or Popiah. Honestly, I was slightly disappointing coz I travel pretty far to get there....... was hoping to practice my Pood Thai again!

Friday 7 August 2020

W Club, Burning Pit, Bar 29 - No more Tom Yum but got CKT

OK guys..... I know that it has been a very dry few months since the MCO is in place..... No more Tom Yum (but still got some places that have some Popiah - private parties). Since a couple of months ago, I have also noticed that many TFC have now converted to CKT already........ this is just a list of the few places that I have been. I am sure that there are still many out there!

First on the list is the old and trusted W Club! The pic above is from an old post in They now have local CKT in there and have a significantly reduced numbers of table. At least half the tables have disappeared. So, it is not as crowed as before. We estimate that there are only about 25 to 30 local CKT in the place but I have to admit that the quality of some of the CKT are quite impressive! This place is also very popular - so, if you have not made any reservation, do not expect to be able to go in! I tried twice to get in without reservation and failed!

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Havava Lounge @ Tropicana Golf and Country Club


I've actually been to this place for many years but never had the opportunity to write about it. So, to begin with, this place is actually located in the Clubhouse of Tropicana Golf and Country Resort! Parked in the middle of all the Dato and Datins houses! It is also quite difficult to find the place as it is at the basement of the Clubhouse. So, simple directions - It is at the building left of the Clubhouse, so, park at the visitor parking on the left. Not too difficult. There's a stairway leading to the basement. You should not miss it. Walk down, and Havana Lounge is just there.

Just a note to bros that is always in TFC, this is not your typical TFC that the girls comes in at 10 PM or 11 PM and last till 5 AM. This is an early joint. Don't really know when they start work but by 8PM, almost all girls are in already.

So, as I walk in, it was only 8 PM and I was looking for my friend. He was already feeling comfortable with 2 Pu Ying sitting next to him and drinking. He's definitely a regular at this joint! So, since I was very hungry and thirsty, ordered some food and drank from my friends leftover bottles here. I think the price of the bottles are not too expensive like other TFC, 2 bottles of Gold Label for below RM 1,000. Quite good price! In TFC, it is definitely much more than that, and most probably it is fake also! This place only have Original drinks - how I know??? The drink promoter is from the appointed distributor and my friend is in the alcohol industry! He would die before drinking fake alcohol!