Monday 28 May 2018

Is overdoing it a bad thing? 400k Flowers!!

It is a usual night on Friday night (25th May) when the podium is ready for models to line up at W.  As you all know there we a handful of Kimchi models in W.  Then we saw the most spectacular exhibition of over-flowering in a eye opening experience.

Here is a snapshot of of the lucky Korean model which you made the night.

What?? Could not believe your eyes or you think that this is photoshopped?  Well, luckily we have a video clip to show in scare you are still sceptical.

another closer look then.

Yes.  Apparently some rich fellow that hung RM400,000 flower on the Korean girl.  Seriously RM400k.  This is the good example of going way over board with TFC-ing.  I mean, there are load of stuff you can do with RM400k.  Hell, you can even get a small Vietnamese village for a night.

As usual we guys which had our jaw dropped started to speculate what is going one here.


- There is a rich multi millionaire's son who had a been a little too tipsy that night.

- This just an act to clean some err... dough. U know what we mean.

- The Korean girl apparently agreed to donate one of her kidney (cannot be liver as she could have been boozing, LOLs) to the client. Hence, the appreciation.

Do let us know what are your thoughts in this.  We ought to make a pole for this.  Lastly,we the writer(s) bid you a good fun night out and be safe.

P/S:  Please don't spoil the market like this la. RM4k cukup lah. LOLs.