How do we rank places

There have been so many times readers have asked us:-

How do you guys choose places lah. Some of the places recommended are not very good lah!

Brothers in arms! Whenever there is a new place we know of, we go lah. We are not from the Alcohol industry, we are not pub owners, and in many places, the owners and managers don't even know us!
We are just like you! TFC lovers!
Also, we are not expert bloggers, not webmaster (or whatever they website expert call themselves) and we are definitely not making any money out of this blog......... to be fair, we put up some ads from Lazada and stuff but nobody clicks on it! Not surprising because all of us just wanna find a place to drink and hang some flowers! Rite?? We have no problem with this! We do it because we are unbias, fair (i really want to think we are fair in our review) and we wanna help out other "brothers" who just want to have a good time! - Just like us!

So, to answer the many question of "How do we choose and rank places, I have rank it below:-

1. DJ Music

If DJ Soda is playing, I'll definitely choose that TFC!!!
  • The music quality is the most important factor for many of us. How many of you can tahan a whole night of Celine Dion or Backstreet Boys with a beautiful Puying next to you???? Sorry to all Celine Dion and Backstreet Boys fans....... but I really cannot!
  • Just imagine this! Model looking Puying next to you at 5 Feet 7 Inch, beautiful C Cup (and she is showing it proudly!), Emerald eyes with a gorgeous 36 - 24 - 36 and she is all over you...... and the background music is singing "My heart will go on.... and on"! How lah brothers...... how! I really cannot bro.... just cannot......
2. Beauty and Attitude
I am so having a Pepsi today!
  • Of course bro! Everyone loves to wash their eyes on pretty girls..... but if attitude is screwed up, whats the point! We have been to places ( not naming any) that in 5 minutes of the girl coming to our table, started asking for flowers and crowns. Come on lah, flowers and crowns is suppose to be "rewards" for good service and companionship. What lah service and companionship we can get in 5 minutes that is worth a crown?? Sometimes, the girls takes it for granted that we are suppose to flower them with gifts just because they have a target..... my personal record is that the girl came over (uninvited or ask for permission to join the table), pour herself a drink, smile and ask for flower, even before introducing themselves. All in about 25 seconds. Must be a world record!
  • Same time, guys...... don't be an ass also lah..... if girls have done their job, at least give lah sikit...... don't spoil it for all other bros lah...... we all become victims of other bros sometimes.......
3. Service and Effort
Oooiiii! I want an Ice Bucket, not Ice Bucket Challenge!
  • Brothers, some of us argue that this is the same as above but it is definitely different. Basic stuff like pouring drinks, refills of ice and water, etc is the small stuff that makes us stay in 1 place vs another. It is not about getting a bonus point. It's about not getting a negative point. Whats the point that I have to go to the bar and get water refills, glasses and Ice myself right???? You want the flower.... now go work lah..... tak kan I bayar for everything and still have to work meh........
  • Also, the effort to ensure guest enjoys themselves is very very important! Different folks, different strokes. Not everyone the same mah..... Example: in my group of friends, some are pretty good/natural to quickly grab the girls, drinking and enjoying. Other guys will distance themselves because it is not natural for them to act this way. Or just plain shy and no balls! I am one of them......... Some girls are good to read the customers and make the effort to get close and make the customer comfortable. Super bonus point for me!
4. Band
Yeah...... now that's a band!!!
  • Guys, what is the point going to a Thai Club and getting the band to play English song???? Really??? Of course lah get them to play some Thai songs lah...... Almost all Thai band cannot sing English songs properly! Cannot even pronounce the words properly! For me personally, even if I cannot understand the Thai songs, at least it gives a difference like we are actually in a Bangkok pub! Want to listen to English songs??? Switch on Hitz FM enough English songs there......
  • Also, some bands are really entertaining!!! Really fun bunch and enjoying every moment! Some are just ............ boring........ macam kayu! Better get the DJ out and play some songs only.... spoil mood only
5. Craziness
Yes please!!!! Come closer!!!!
  • Now, this one is a super plus point and difficult to measure..... how to measure crazy??? The point is, how crazy/ daring can the girls get? It is always memorable if the place is a little more "exciting" than another place! *wink wink*
  • My most crazy/ memorable place (again, not naming any) was slightly drunk, jumping around, kissing other girls (yeah..... some Lesbo action!!!!) and began stripping!!!! Was definitely crazy and memorable!!!!
6. After work hour activities
  • Yeah rite...... I know what you are thinking....... NOT that after work hour activities!!!! God gave men 2 heads and enough blood to run one only........ I mean, go makan, go another club/ pub, go KTV and other stuff....... I find it really fun to go second round with many of the Puying as they are more relax and not on work mode. Crazy like hell! 
  • Once, I had a session at other pubs, KTV, and makan that lasted till 11 am!!!! Fun..... and super fun!
7. Ambiance
  • For me, this is important but not critical...... who don't like places like Paramount and OS 3, rite?? Ambiance is great with great lighting effects, HUGE LCD panels all around and all sorts of other effects!!!! Really cool. But, I've been to some small pubs with girls and it is great experience and to some large and cool places with bad experience. Not too important as long as we enjoy ourselves.
Bros, go and have your own version of fun........ this is ours...... no matter what happen, enjoy it while you can. You are already paying for it anyway!!!! 555 


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