Tuesday 26 August 2014

Hotseat @ Sunway

We have had many request to review this place by many TFC goers. There's so many name for this building block - Wisma Dagang Setia Jaya, Leisure Commerce Square and for the older guys around, Bali @ Sunway. If you still do not know where it is, just follow the main road at Sunway towards the LDP. Turn left at the LDP towards Damansara. It is the first office block that you will see on the left. If you are using google maps or Waze, you can try searching for 7-11 at Leisure Commerce Square. Hotseat is just next to the 7-11.

Getting there and parking is not a problem as it is very easy to get a valet parking in front and around the TFC. No problem and it is the cheapest parking for any TFC that I have been - just RM 5! No problem. just got to be careful of the parking attendant as their guidance to park your car is just not great. They tried to get me in a very tight parking spot. Not great especially when you will be leaving half drunk!

Got in to the place with ease and no grand entrance or anything like that. Very straight forward place.... open the door, and tables and seat is all around you. I counted at least 50 Tom Yum around to entertain you and I have to admit.... they look much better than those in OSS or Yes in Hartamas. Thumbs up!!! However, unlike most places I have been, not many PR follows you around to your table. only 2 TY followed us for a party of 4. No complains and ordered a bottle of Macallan as usual. The bill came up to RM 420 - this is the cheapest Macallan I have open in a TFC as well! Two thumbs up!!!!

The PR here is definitely more soothing to the eye and much more entertaining. Chatty and perfectly great to play drinking games. I would say, expert at it. They not only beat you at the game, but you can see on their eyes that at times, they allow you to win! +++ points!!! Also unlike most places I have been, the girls don't just polish your drinks and get you to order more. Only the girls whom are entertaining us pour the drinks and drink with us. Other places, I will get a table for 2 guys and 8 PR will be around! they don't introduce themselves and just polish our bottle! I am liking this place already.

The band came up and I have to say that this is the only negative point of the place. The band is at best, average and the singers are quite poor. Cannot understand a single word that they were singing, whether in English or Cantonese songs. My favourite Beyond song is simply not recognisable.

After the band, the models/ girls were up in the stage. 7 out of 10 of them just looks delicious and young!!! Almost lose my cool!!! Not many people bought flowers, which is strange but 2 guys bought a RM 500 flower! WOW!!! High rollers here! Second batch went up and also very delicious as well. I can say that this place is not disappointing me AT ALL!!!

Left the place by 1 am and I have to say that this place is very good. The size of the place is pretty small but overall, I will definitely be there again, soon!

Rating :
Parking : RM 5 Beer (Tower) : RM Unknown Black Label : RM Unknown
Flower (Min) RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 60 Quality : 9/10 Band : Yes
Band : 4/10 Singers : 3/10 Entertainment : 3/10
WIR : Yes Overall : 8/10


  1. NICE PLACE to go!! LiKE!!!
    price of drink no too expensive..
    tom yam there also nice & sweet <3<3
    bring my fren go there they also like there..haha
    crow max 10k..min300,500,1k&3K

    1. Unfortunately or fortunately I had the chance to see someone buy RM 10k sash to the girl that entertained me when me and my friends first walked in...

      weird thing is, the RM 10k came from her regular through phone-in. Which means the guy was not actually there at Hot Seat but called in to the club to give her the RM 10k sash. Even better, she came back and entertained us till we left. No idea who that high roller is but we secretly thanked him for sponsoring 1 girl for us that night.

    2. DAMN! Never had that luck! 555