Monday 17 April 2017

The Pimp Club @ Bangkok

Favourite Thai Club joint in the world. There I said it. Yes, the now legendary Pimp Club on Pracha Uthit Road in Bangkok has just concluded their Wet & Wild Songkran’s party and it was a blast. From the moment, you step out from your ride there’s 2 beautiful models that greets you Sawadeekap, Welcome to The Pimp club, to the friendly hostess or mamasan who will guide you to your tables and of course, the girls, two hundred over of them. You know the party just started. Ar-yeah.

First and foremost, the place ain’t that hard to find, search it on Waze and Google maps and even if you ride a bicycle, tuk tuk or taxi, this place is famous. First taxi we stopped to haggle price and he knows the place. Don’t even need to mention the road name. And get there by 9pm. Anything later, I can assure you most top models are probably booked unless you have enough luck to win a national lottery.

The club is not super huge like some of the fuck joints on Rachada. When you arrive at the club, you first enter through the main room, greeted with upbeat liveband music and trendy EDM music. There’s a fairly large stage for live music and erotic dances and tables are laid out pretty close to each other, with some VIP cabana huts along the restroom area (some like the VIP area because it’s slightly darker). There’s also a pool table.

If you live larger than life, then there are the private rooms for even crazier parties, and the largest private room even got its own DJ set and mini stage.

But during Songkran festivals, The Pimp Club shifts to 6th gear and opens the outdoor area which you can see from the picture above, there’s a pool as well as a foam area if you want to do even nastier things. Plus, a makeshift stage and couple of wet & wild exclusive game area. Very wet, very wild indeed.

Having gone to Songkran for a few years in a row and regularly checking out The Pimp Club, my regular mamasan is Mummy Anna (LINE id: yosawa-j) and naturally she greeted us with her naturally big boobs and smile. Sawa’d’cup. Man it’s good to be back! Of course there’s other mamasan (some younger and sexier) but overall, she knows our taste for girls and models so I cannot appreciate her enough for consistently bringing smiles to our brothers. We communicated on her LINE app the whole night because she is popular and always running around. So any small request from our brothers, all we need to do is just text her and she will be at our table faster than Uber.

In terms of service staff, there’s plenty of them! Our table for 12pax (24 if you plus the ladies), which consist of 4 tables joined up, at any one time, there’s always 1 to 2 waiter on stand by for our mixers. We always tip the mommy and her crew THB1000.

Drinks wise, we opted for the Members Package, which starts at THB20,000 for 8 bottles of Black Label. Normally at the start, the service staff would also push some local fruits platter at THB500each. Special for Songkran festival, there’s even burger and thai salad stalls at the outdoor area. Very delicious mini burgers and fries. Thai Salad or Son Tum should be consume by the ladies only, as it’s goddam spicy and would probably kill your alcohol high!

Now, the girls. What up TFC Newbies? New to gentleman clubs in Bangkok? This is definitely your seasoned guide. First, before choosing the girl, ask if the girls will go back with you or not. There are many who will, but there are also others who don’t. Don’t assume all will just because you have the cash or credit card. Double check that with the mummy, usually she will sort of give you a verbal guarantee. The charges for first hour is THB2,200 (yes Bangkok style, no flower system like Dannok or Malaysia). Subsequently every half hour is THB500. Rates may change from time to time, so this is just a general rule. There’s no limit to how many girls you can book, the more the better and from my experience, hell lot crazier. Now if you wanna ‘buy-out’ the girl, then there’s an extra 25 drink bar-fine @ THB330each plus THB5000-6000 asking price (for overnight). Couple this bill with your drinks and the lady charges I advise you to bring minimum gold or platinum credit cards to fulfil your fantasies. The cheaper alternative would be to wait for them after work (usually around 2-3am) and just pay the overnight charges.

The second type of girls are the Tequila girls. And they are downright wilder, hornier and probably friendlier. There’s not a lot of them running around like the usual girls and they sell tequilas from THB350 per cup (served in shot glasses). Mine came wearing bra and g-string only. And even if you don’t touch them, they will be all over you. Expect minimum 2 shots (THB700) if you want them to even layan you. Either you pay cash on the spot or goes to the main bill. Usually if you can allocate 6 shots for the same girl, she would have already lifted your shirt and suck your nipples. Oo yeah.

All in all, every year the party gets wilder and crazier at the legendary Pimp Club, my personnel favourite and Bangkok’s no.1 gentleman’s club. I already told the mommy to book next year’s table. See y’all there.

Parking : -
Beer (Tower) : -
Black Label  : THB20,000 for 8 bottles (Member’s Package, can keep one year)
Flower (Min) : By hours. 1st Hour THB2200. Subsequent 30min THB500.
Crown : -
Tequila (Tray) : THB350 per shot for Tequila girls.
# of girls : 200+
Quality : 9/10
Band : 7.5/10
Aggressiveness: KTV style you choose.
Singers : 7.5/10
Entertainment : 8.5/10
WIR : Fuck yeah
Overall : 9.5/10

*Note you don’t have to always open member’s price. There are also prices for beer and single bottle at other Non-Member rates. 


  1. Hi, how far is this pimp club to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy area?

  2. From google map it says 30mins to Soi Cowboy, but in Bangkok, traffic is crazy. Expect 45mins to an hour.

    Nana plaza is even further and expect anything between 45mins to 1h 15mins.

  3. Thank you for the guide. How is this place for one person? Traveling solo.

    1. It's great..... the only problem is that either you buy membership and get 5 bottles of Black Label (God knows how you gonna finish it) or pay a very high sum for 1 entry. The last time I was there, there is an option to buy 1 bottle at 5000 baht. Too expensive for me to go alone.....

  4. Bring a least 10k Baht. You will drown in boobs!!

  5. If not a member can I enter the club?

    1. I think can but need to buy drinks at the entrance. It's very expensive if I remember correctly.

  6. Hi TFC you wrote 2000baht for first hour and after that 500 bath per 30 minutes.. if need to buy out the girl do we also add the 25 x 350 bath per lady Drink and 5000-6000 overnight fee and the earlier 2000 baht first hour and every 30 mins 500 baht?

  7. Hi TFC if want to buy out the girl do I also need to pay the 2000baht first hour and every 30 mins 500 baht?

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  9. Hi bro,
    I fully agree with your post as it's been my go to gentleman club when I'm in BKK. However, I haven't been there for so long I would like to ask you if the 10k member is still available. There used to be 10k, 20k member etc

    1. Was just there last month. Think 10K is still available. but you have to talk to the mamasan first. Good luck bro.

  10. I contacted them and you can only apply for 10k membership (3 bottles valid for 3 months) on Sundays. And for those wondering - a small private room 2-3 people cost 2500 baht from 9pm-3am.

    And I wonder if it's worth going on sundays or would all the girls not be working? (i.e. tired from sat night)

    @The TFC Guy - what day did you go on? Thank you!

    1. Bro.... I go whenever I have the opportunity..... Monday to Sunday, come rain or shine! Less girls also means less competition (guys) on Sunday..... There will ALWAYS be girls working. Either 200 of them or 80 of them only. You will definitely find girls in The Pimp!