Monday 11 February 2019

V Club @ Jalan Imbi

It has been awhile since the last posting as time is quite tight these days.  Nevertheless we managed to check out a new spot that opened since Nov 2019. 

It is actually located in the same building as De Vegas Nightclub or Conlay Club in Jalan Imbi beside Berjaya Time Square.  However, it is available in google map if you are using waze or google drive.  There is 2 entrance to the club, either you enter from the main entrance from De Vegas or you can drive to the rear of the building and enter from the small door as in snapshot above.

Car park here is quite pricey in front of De Vegas entrance.  It is RM20 or 15 for valet parkingnbut it is definitely safe.  Well, it is rather recommended you parked here rather than the streets in Jalan Imbi or bukit bintang.

This price for drinks in this place is cheap but at happy hour only which ends at 9PM which is a major downside of things.  After 9pm the price of drinks is similar to most major TFC joints.  Hence if it is your maiden visit, it is best to try it out on Sunday as it is happy hour all nighter.  Previously, the club has Hoegaarden promotion buckets which we managed to enjoy (rather than drinking watered down beer towers like in other clubs).  Nevertheless, the girls knew their stuff and polished the drinks like thirsty hippos.  Thence, no savings there either. 555.  This is also the first time we drank Hoegaarden Rose in TFC joint as well.

The place is decorated quite classy and the floor is carpeted (thick carpet).  This is definitely a nice feeling which you will never get for other TFC joints.  There are about 40 to 50 girls (models and PRs) and it was so-so only.  One thing we noticed there are all veterans from KL TFC joints (E11, W and Scotts).  It is rather rare that we don’t meet girls from anyplace we patronized.  Chances are you will know some of them if you frequent these place often.  Then the old birds will stick to you and expecting some flowers from you.  Chok dee na krup (Good luck to you then).   

Flowers here is minimum RM100 and beyond.  Which we think it is rather pricey for the stocks here.  Decoration is nice but RM100 per flower for a medium sized joint is a bit too much (in our humble opinion).  Tequila are normal prized at RM25 for a diluted shot.  Neat will cost you double the price.  Surprisingly, girls are not that pushy and other than the flower mama/papa san.

Music here is quite OK with good DJ music and the band is comparatively good.  To our taste there are 2 female singers which is quite an eye candy.  Especially the with many tattoos.  Lightings works and screen is fabulous and the environment is good.  Overall it is quite OK here. 

It is definitely worth the visit but this place is quite expensive and it is located in the hert of the city.  Please do drink responsibly and take a Grab car if you intend to have a heavy night out.

Parking : RM20 or 15 Beer (Tower) : RM 168 Black Label : RM498
Flower (Min) : RM 100 Tiara : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 50 Quality of PR : 6.5/10 Band : Yes
Band : 7/10 Singers : 7/10 Entertainment: 6.8/10
WIR : Maybe with better promo Overall : 7/10


  1. overall quite ok. me and gang start going V club and Hexagon since their opening around the same time. But now seldom due to lack of girls especially when there are too many customers.

    Moreover, the gals can be called up KTV and sometime very few girls due to this...

    1. Yes, you are right, imagine u just hang rm 300 flowers but the gals taken by other KTV in a glance, haha

      btw, u were Hexagon regular ??? 555

    2. yes. But now slow down already. Go venus :p

    3. I also feel Hexagon is slowly downgrading...... I'm going Eleven and Level more frequently these days also

    4. Yes. slowly degrading V club. Eleven is fun too and level depends. sometimes all the puying go into ktv room, u will be damn boring

    5. Really? Everytime I go to Level there are tonnes of Puying.... The Karaoke rooms are not too great. RM 300 for 2 hours for the girls are a little too much!

    6. went Level club on last Monday, girl are average looks only,the club decoration was too low class for me, the ambience was not too good due to low lighting , girl not so friendly as well, not sure why, mostly prefer sat and play handphone at empty table, haha,there are even tables without any girls in normal tables.

      nowaday, i would said venus club would be the top services if you look for some fun and joy, follow by eleven club..

    7. Anyone up for drinks tonight? seems bored.

  2. Was there in Dec 2022 twice, place now more girls mainly from Thailand and Vietnam but can't compare to Millenium in Life Centre in term of quantity and quality.