Friday 29 April 2016

Kingsway Club @ Wisma Central

And Yes! We are back to the TFC scene.  Its has been a crazy bust year hence, we are tad bit quiet on visiting new places.  Wasting no time at all, below is the review of a new place in the heart of KL city centre, Kingsway Club.

The place is located in 2nd floor of Wisma Central.  It is just opposite Avenue K, right beside Menara Maxis (Maxis sucks) 555. You will not get to the club if you drive by or walk by.  Drive up the building's parking lot
on the 2nd floor and you will see the entrance of Kingsway Club.  Yes guys, I know what you are thinking.  It looks exactly like err.... Some "Spa" in KL.  If you still could not see it when you get down from you car, just follow the smell chinese incense.  I kid you not.  The parking is extremely cheap, infact it is the cheapest we have ever paid! RM4.50 for all nite long.  No valet services here.

The size of the club is not too big, like Hotseat Sunway.  The lightings are really biig and the environment is quite classy.  A gentle reminder, please do not put your elbow on the table.  We almost topple the bloody table when we first arrive.  It is definitely the lightest and smallest (slim) table we ever seen.  Oh well, I guessed space is expensive in the city center.  However, there is a very special feature for this place.  Read  on and you know what we mean. :)
Save on your hotel -
Surprisingly, the price of drinks here is quite affordable.  There are 2 price range here, Happy hour (before 10.20pm) and normal hours.  It is unfortunate that we just missed the happy hour.  Glenfiddich 12y and Singleton is RM418 per bottle (after tax and etc it's actually RM440+) in normal hour.  Happy hour is about RM388. You can gauge the rest of the liquor selection.  JW Gold Label is about RM488 in normal hours.  They do not serve beer tower here.  Beers are by the bucket of 8 bottles.  (Sorry guys, we didnt notice whether its Carlsberg or Tiger joint).  In normal hours, a bucket is about RM160+.  Happy hour promo is RM388+ for 3 buckets (24 bottles).  The is awfully alot to put on that small table.  Hence, try to be there on happy hour, 10.29PM at least. 555 If you really could not get there in time, you may want to get to know a PR called Gift.  Sweet and funny girl.  She'll book tables or drinks for you  :)  Oppss.. said too much already.  BTW, we do think all the drinks here are authentic.

There are about 40+ girls in total of PRs and Models.  Girls here are friendly lots and not too aggressive.  The lady singers are OK and friendly too.  The real looker is the singer named Toffy and she is from Lexxus Club (Beauty lies at the eye of the beer holder guys).  Most of the girls here are average looking, but they are friendly.  Now, here's the kicker.  This is actually a KTV joint and there are VIP rooms at the rear of the hall.  You can get Models/PRs to sit with you in the KTV room, RM300 for 3 hours in bill. :D And No, we have no idea whether its pluckble or not.  555  Perhaps we ought to try this out on the next visit... or not.  (might as well go to the One club in DJ la)

The current liveband playing now is Backjunior Band.  Some of you guys may seen them playing in other places before this.  They are good, fair share of english, chinese and thai songs as well (Da Endorphine, New Jiew, Grooveriders and etc) Songs are not too old but entertainment is fairly good.  The sound system here is moderate, not too loud surprisingly.  The DJ here is a PRC with quite a pair of knockers.  Easy on the eyes but ears, not too good.  Pretty monotonous beat all night long.  We enjoyed the band more than the club music.

Alrite, there is all we had for now and please have good safe fun guys.  For those who is too lazy to read the long winded FR, just check out the ratings below.


Parking : RM 4.50 (No valet) Beer (Bucket of 8's) : RM 160 Single Malt  : RM 418
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 120
# of PR : 40 ~ 50 Quality : 7/10 Band : Good
Aggressiveness: 4/10 Singers : Friendly Entertainment : 7/10

WIR : Yes Overall : 7.5/10


  1. Which One Club in DJ? Got pluckable Tom yams? =p

  2. Sound like OS3 club in kuchai lama and Paramount beside Fuze in city centre

    1. OS 3 and Paramount is more high end places compared to Kingsway. The place is smaller than those and the feel is more like W in Kiara..... but still good fun!

  3. now they have beer tower..RM104 HH...after is 3 towers RM388
    bet you, sure mix with water kao kao

  4. What meaning is "pluckable"?

  5. Was there yday night. No doubt the beer tower is slightly diluted but one of the best beer towers I ever had. Girls now starting to be pushy due to girls ratio to guys almost 1 to 1.

    Was there from 12am till 5am.

    Below is my damage :

    Parking : RM10.00
    3 towers : RM388.00 (excluding gst)
    Gold label : RM488.00 (excluding gst)
    Flower : RM500.00
    3 amigos

    The girl that was with me name Eve. Nice girl. This girl surprisingly not pushy at all compare to me mates girls. Never butterfly and never ask for flower. For that I gave RM500.00