Saturday 4 March 2017

OSS @ Mont Kiara

It's been a very long time since I walk into OOS. So, decided last night to just drop in and try to have some fun! Boy! Much have changed. 

Save on your hotel -
Let me just begin at the Valet service. Did you know that the charges now is at RM 20? Almost double from the last time I went! Also, they don't allow you to park near the entrance.... all reserved for bosses! WTF. Nevermind. 

So, we went into the place. The setup is exactly the same with only some changes at the side with TV panels for the ambience of the place. Otherwise nothing change.

As soon as we got in, 5 girls basically followed us to the table. The place is extremely empty compared to the "glamour days" of OSS. So, we ask for the menu to get us a bottle of Whisky and the prices have jump up again. A bottle of Macallan is now RM 500! I don't even dare to ask for the price for the beer tower! those days were already RM 199 a tower. Cannot imagine the price now. Bought a bottle and start drinking.

As usual, the treatment is SOP for any TFC. All those models started to act Hi-So and move elegantly.... blah blah blah..... So, we started playing dice and drink. They were all so very Hi So until I also cannot tahan. In less than 30 min, the girl started to ask for flowers. so, as usual, I said later but they are definitely rushing..... to a point I was piss off with them. Don't even know my name yet and is asking for a freaking Crown!

And when I ask around for the prices for flower these days, I almost choke on my drink! A freaking flower is now RM 100! For OSS? Really? I am not enjoying myself at all!

But then, the band started playing and it is freaking GOOD! The songs are good, pronunciation is good and the music is good. The DJ music was also very good! And for something new, they now have showtime and the performance was great! 

So, found myself a great band and music but the place and the girls is causing the place to become quite a dump. Want to enjoy in OSS? You better be filthy rich! Othwer wise, bring a bunch of great friends and push the girls away...... let the guys have the fun. Or the last option, BYO (Bring your own). 

I really have nothing much to say more about the place..... still disappointed.

Parking : RM 20 Beer (Tower) : Didn't ask! Single Malt  : RM 500
Flower (Min) : RM 100 Crown : Didn't ask! Tequila (Tray) : Didn't ask!
# of girls : 50 Quality : 7/10 Band : 9/10
Aggressiveness: 5/10 Singers : 9/10 Entertainment : 9/10
WIR : No Overall : 8/10


  1. Flower min RM100... want to follow Paramount Club? pui~

    1. That is exactly in my mind! Girls not Paramount standard, atmosphere not Paramount standard, Sound system also not up to standard but want to charge Paramount charges.... siow liao!

  2. Went there 2 times few months ago because my friend's thai girl work there, not much customer, girl still act high class, rather sit there play phone or doing nothing than entertain customer s in the joint. Few girls come over to our table, didnt self intro straight pressure us to play dice game, less than 10 mins ask us hang flower already, dont even know their name too. Cant find any reason to give them flower. Will avoid this joint in future. Have no idea their basic salary too high that's why they dont even bother to please.

    1. So very sad. This used to be one of the best place in town!

  3. I heard that the club had changed their name & everything. It's Sugar B right now. Boss also change already. Maybe can try it out?