Wednesday 22 February 2017

Second @ One Shamelin Cheras

Was told by a friend of a new place that have just opened about 2 months ago in Shamelin..... yes, the notorious Taman Shamelin...... where TFC started in the first place! According to "sources" (some girls of course), this is actually T RUC 2. Same boss, same prices. Since it is still new, better check it out quick because the quality of girls are usually model level, not just your everyday TFC girl and of course, drinks are cheap!
Save on your hotel -
The place is quite difficult to find and maneuver to get in. Use Waze and got us to the complex and there is a very friendly valet service at the entrance of the complex. Valet service is also quite reasonable at only RM 10 (OSS Valet now ask for RM 20!) If you want to use the parking lot in the complex, also can but its quite empty (was 10 PM already).

Walk into the complex and the place is located at the second floor. Not too sure the name of the place, Second, is referring to the second floor or the second T RUC. Once you take the escalator to the second floor, Second is located on your right. I think on the left is another pub or snooker center. Cannot remember. Was damn excited to get to a new joint...... or disappointing and leave. Whichever comes first. Also, you know you are getting close because there are girls all around!

So, we got there and opened the door....... only like got 6 tables taken. The rest is empty. The place is also not very big. About half the size of T RUC. This time, we are very brave to choose a table in front of the stage. Brave not because we have alot of money...... brave because the place is new, and usually, the girls are not too pushy yet. The moment we choose the table (only 2 guys this time), 3 girls came over. And as per our usual luck, 1 pretty looking and 2 not so pretty looking ones sat on our table. My friend was lucky and got the looker in the group. I am left to entertain the rest..... Suddenly, the ratings for a WIR for me just went from "Maybe" to "Not even if you pay me!" Anyway the night is still young and lets see how this plays out.

Band is actually OK for a TFC
Since it is a new place, we normally will open 1 tower of beer, just in case we don't like the place, we can just leave. All the girls are actually very friendly and can laugh and play games..... this is very very important to me because I have been to many places with pretty face..... service sucks, not friendly, and constantly asking for flowers! Sometimes, I feel like I am working, not them. Have to constantly keep them happy and all...... feel like telling them..... "Ooii! Aku bayar ni! Bukan free!". Anyway, they are friendly. Happily drinking and playing games for about 1 hour, they started to ask for flowers.... I was like expecting this already. Standard SOP but what really surprise me is that when I say later, they stop asking! Normally, they will keep up the irritation for at least 2 to 3 minutes before they stop. We continue to have fun, no fuss....... for another 30 minutes. They then have to go up to stage.

Up on the stage, the standard SOP (Flower selling aunty) came over and push for the sale. I was like telling her off and say I buy later. Then, she told me that it is only RM 20 for 1 flower..... support lah.... "RM20??? Mana mau cari!" and I just remember...... T RUC! My friend and I support lah sikit and spent RM 120 on the girls.... cheap lah comparing many other places. Many girls join us later and none actually push for more flowers! So, we continue drinking......... and drinking....... and drinking.

At the end, I would say that it was a decent night, nothing exceptional. No extra friendly people and fun people. I might actually return back to the place for a quick drink and simple entertainment, but definitely not for heavy drinking and expecting a GREAT enjoyable time.

Parking : RM 10 Beer (Tower) : RM 99 Single Malt  : Unknown
Flower (Min) : RM 20 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 120
# of girls : 50 Quality : 8/10 Band : 7/10
Aggressiveness: 6/10 Singers : 7/10 Entertainment : 7/10
WIR : Yes Overall : 7/10


  1. Just a suggestion, why not review more joints in Kuchai & Puchong? Or do you just review spots which are more 'upmarket'?

    1. Hey bro. Got anywhere to recommend? Not familiar with Puchong and Kuchai. Want to try but don't know where to go lah....

  2. In Kuchai: QQ Pub has been rebranded, Secret Garden, Club de 66, Babylon