Monday 13 February 2017

AMP Club @ Fraser Business Park, KL

It's been a very long time since we last posted a new TFC. Sorry guys but we have recently only been playing it safe and go to the places that we are used to.
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So, there's this new place that have just open a month ago - AMP Club @ Fraser Business Park. If you think that the place sounds familiar, its because the place used to be the old Lexxus / ESP. Now, it is known as AMP Club.

Getting there is not that difficult (other than it is in KL City center). However, you need to set this up properly on your Waze. You can search for Lexxus or Esplanade in Jalan Metro Pudu. Otherwise, click on the map below.

Upon reaching the area, it is just full of TFC! Lots and lots of TFC! Not been to any of it yet but a few familiar old names such as V Club (Used to be in Menjalara) and Aquarium (Old Klang Road) is now all located in that area. So, move around the area and got to AMP Club - it is in the Esplanade building. Parking is simple and there is a dedicated parking area just in front. Paid for the parking spot and head towards the door. There's actually 3 spots in that building. Liang Liang which is a Chinese KTV - REALLY wanted to just walk in and try! and Rock Tower (I think) which is a Malay joint. AMP Club is on the left of the entrance.

Entrance to AMP - Looks pretty good
We walk straight in and the place was quite empty....... and its about 11 pm already, but its a Saturday. No waiter or no Tom Yum to walk us in, which I find pretty strange..... We find a place our self and the waiter came along. With the waiter, of course, 1 girl came over to greet us as well. So, we ask for the menu...... and WTF!!!! Freaking expensive! 1 tower is like RM 215! A bottle of Chivas is RM 530 and a bottle of Macallan is like RM 688! This is simply the most expensive joint I have ever been! Think that the price is like Paramount! So, I will now start to compare this place to Paramount! (It better be better than Paramount). But then, the waiter says that there is a promotion on 2 tower for RM 280. So, we ordered a set of beer. As normal, the girl took the order and smile at us. Without a thank you or even a Sawadeekap, she left us to the next table! I was pretty pissed off but hey, it is still early and Keep Calm and TFC.

With no girls on our table, we just start chatting and bitching why our other friend is late...... again. Beer arrive quickly (maybe because no customers - only 3 tables with customers only) and we started to drink. That is when 2 other girls came over (theres only 2 guys on our table). They took some beer and just stand there. I really could not even remember their names or faces. Had 2 sips with us and left again. Don't care lah..... not like first time to TFC... rite?? So, we continue bitching and chatting bout the place. The place don't look like Paramount at all...... simple stage and simple lightings. Nothing spectacular like Paramount..... mind I remind you.... the prices are like Paramount.

Quite reasonable setup but generally a large size place
Set 1 girls went up the stage and the 2 girls on our table was there (they were at our table for less than 5 minutes). They start pointing at us hinting the flower girl to come over for us to get them flowers.... man.... was I pissed or what! Don't even know your name and want me to buy flowers??? Told the flower girl to come back later....... as if I'm gonna get them anything! Then, another 2 girls came over to our table. This time, at least they greet us with the standard sweet yummy smile and a warm sawadeekap. Introduce themselves and ask to stay on our table..... with that kind of greeting..... of course lah. Had some fun talking to them and started to play games..... You know that these are better service girls....... Hello..... not that kind of service lah. Had some good fun playing games and drinking. Not long after, its their turn to be at the stage. Another 3 girls came over and 1 of them knew us! She saw us in T RUC before.... but I swear I don't know her at all! Anyway, the other 2 came down from stage and rejoin us. 5 girls and 2 guys. Not bad.......

Lets talk about the place....... The DJ music is not bad, if you like Dance R&B + House. No EDM music at all. Great place if you like Sean Paul and stuff but not our taste. The band plays alot of English songs and to be honest, not the best I've seen around. Only like 2 Thai songs that night. There's no stage shows and very minimal interaction with the crowd.... unlike smaller places like Level or Maze. Not as grand as places like Paramount or OSS in stage performance and band. And.... did I mentioned this before? Freaking expensive drinks!

That's just all we did that night. Nothing extra ordinary..... should have just went to Liang Liang next door.......


Parking : RM 25Beer (Tower) : RM 215Single Malt  : RM 688
Flower (Min) : RM 100Crown : RM 300Tequila (Tray) : Unknown
# of girls : 35Quality : 8/10Band : 5/10
Aggressiveness: 5/10Singers : 5/10Entertainment : 8/10

WIR : NoOverall : 6/10


  1. this joint closed already rite? when the last visited from admin page ? haha

  2. Was there in November! Wow! That was quick!

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  4. this place is now called Cupid M Club, just opened last month.
    happy hour beer price RM99/ tower before 10pm, after 10pm is normal price rm168 but have promotion buy 2 free 1, u guys can check it out.

    1. This place keep changing..... already review this place twice last year. Will Cupid M last longer than the last 2? Don't know lah