Monday 9 November 2015

Billions Club @ Scotts Garden

Yes, it has been awhile since the last posting.  TFCs are eveywhere now, so many our livers have to work extra hard to cope up.  Nevertheless, wasted no time to tr out this outlet a couple of weeks back.

Billions Club is located in The Scott Garden at Kuchai Lama which we have not been patronizing since the glamour days of Hitz and Sense.  Didnt even notice that Hitz was closed for some time. 
The club is located just behind Remedy (not remedy +).  If you are newbie Scott's, just take a stroll behind Movida and should be able to find it.  Or just search for the lok-lok stalls like what we always do.   There is 3 clubs in that row, Rest Room, Lucky Star 8 and Billions.

First thing you should learn is you should not get there too early.  We reached there about 9ish and the place is almost empty.  OK, so now we know this area is made for late drinkers.  Fortunately, we were greeted by friendly known faces (infact practically the whole staffs there).  Doubt is confirmed, it is owned by the same owner that was affiliated with RCA.  Will clarify later on the word "was".  Being a regular at RCA we find it surprising that there were no word that they are opening a branch here.  We were shocked that we were greeted by the managers, singers, models (and even the banglas) like long lost love,  which ironicaly we just saw them last week in RCA.  Hmm..

The place is so brand new, you can almost smell the faint smell of paint and glue.  The lighting and stage is really nice and modern.  Sound system is also good too.  It is way more spacious than RCA and even the toilet is comfortable and clean.  Mind you, have you seen RCA's?  Generally, the place is pretty large.  Here's a view from the backbenchers.

There are about 60 to 80 girls here (Models + PRs) and yes, the quality here is quite good.  Thank God.  Since the place is new, it has a fair share of all shape, size and experience levels. The girls here are really friendly and err.. thirsty.  The first bottle of Mac was siphoned clean before we make our first trip to the toilet.  2nd lesson for all newbies, girls are generally rushing to get intoxicated so that they can work better, on the early bird's account.  These are a few snapshots of the quality of the birds here.

The live band is consist of a whole lot of Guys and girls.  A few of the singers are quite a looker too.  Most of the band members are from RCA, so the music is quite OK.  The only downside is the DJ's music which is slightly below average.  Yups, lotsa techno and lousy mixed beats.  Other than that, we had a blast.

Practically, the owner totally moved all the good stuff from RCA to this place.  Yes, you might guessed the reason right.  We truly sympathize the state of RCA but nevertheless, it is still one of our favorites.  Since Luxy days infact.


Parking : RM 25 - 30 (Valet) Beer (Tower) : RM178 Black Label : RM 348
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 120
# of PR : 60 ~ 80 Quality : 7.5/10 Friendliness : above average
Band : Good  Singers : 10 +/- Entertainment : 7/10

WIR : Yes Overall : 8/10


  1. Heard that billion was raided yesterday . Can anyone confirm this ?

    1. Yup. 11/11. But he girls was released on 13/11. Very fast settle...

    2. Yeah went back there already. Still as good as before