Wednesday 30 September 2015

Aquarium @ Fraser Business Park

Dear TFC lovers. A big THANK YOU to "Mr. Fisherman" for this review. This is the first post from a contributor of the blog. I've personally not been there yet but might actually go one of these days. Happy reading and if you are interested to contribute, don't be shy and write to us a review of your favourite place. 

I truly admire your reviews and effort to share it with the community of TFC lovers. Yesterday my friends and I went to a new TFC at Fraser Business Park, Jalan Metro Pudu. Below is my amateur review of this place

The Aquarium Fraser Business Park is moved from Shamelin. It is located directly in front of Fraser Business Park. For those who don’t know this place, its the old F&N Factory and right in front of HELP College of Arts and Technology.This place only launched 5 days ago here and has huge response because its the one and only TFC in this area providing local girls around 70 of them according to the manager.

Mainly local chinese girls age from 19-30. Girls here are extremely pretty and fun. When we entered the place, we were greeted by few girls to our table. Awhile later one of the girls will come and take your order. The price for per bucket is RM122 for 6 bottles of tiger. Not too sure about the price of whisky though. Girls here are friendly and are not pushy for flowers like some Thai places.

This place is rather small compared to other large TFC but sufficient. It has 2 floors and has lift access to the 2nd floor. The stage is at the ground floor with balcony view from the 2nd floor. Something different compared to Onyx or QQ that I have been to. The lightings here are not bad but rather bright. One thing to note that it has glass doors and partition therefore what you do inside could been seen outside both first and second floor.

The girls usually come in around 10ish and leave at 2.30. If they like you, they may OT till about 4.30 (mine did stay till 4.30am) Music here is so so, nothing special but some local girls can sing really well here. One of them named Barney. Be sure to visit her there! We can’t deny that local girls have better pronunciation.

This place operates from 9ish to 4am. Jockey parking at the front cost RM10. Park inside the F&N building its only rm3 flat rate from 6pm to 7am but just 5 mins walk to the Aquarium. I guess thats for my review today and sorry for my bad review lol.

*Thanks a lot to TFC guys. I hope to join you guys one day!
Do inform me if you coming. i stay 5mins away from this place ahahahahah

Note from The TFC Guy - There is no review by "Mr.Fisherman" on the prices of beverages and flowers/ tequilas. Also not provided is the quality of PR and band. We will try to visit the place and provide the balance of the details for all readers. Again, thanks Mr. Fisherman for this.

Location : It was an old Auto shop and opposite 1AGS. The location below is the closest shop in Google Maps. Have fun guys.


  1. The place is very small about 10-15 tables ground floor, about 10 PR local chinese and quality about 4-5 only.
    On the 1st floor is dart machine area. Nothing special. It is just a modern renovation old karaoke style pub. Thanks.

  2. I've just been there on 7/12/2015. The place was pretty good, the comment by Sex Adult Toys Online Shop is rubbish. The girls were locals and they were pretty friendly but there were only about 20plus girls there. The bad thing is their singing is horrible. We got 2 bottles of absolut at 550rmb, free flow mixer.

    1. Flower starts from 20, 50, 100, 200, 300rmb.
      The only lady's drink we got was at 120rmb.