Thursday 26 March 2015

Maze @ Desa Sri Hartamas

OK guys, I have to admit that it had been a very long time since I post any new place on the blog. We have been to a few new places but always forget to record down information. Also, we have always gone to our favourite joint only - YES CLUB. But a few days ago, we all agree that we need to try a new place..... a place that we have never gone before. And so,
we end up with Maze Club (Next door to YES CLUB). This is a little embarrassing as this is only next door to YES CLUB and we have never been there.

So, I am sure it is obvious (if you are already a kaki of this area) that all parking is valet parking. Still a cheap price for a valet parking - only RM 10! This place is damn difficult to find a proper parking, even with valet. So, most of the time, I will just pass my car keys to the valet I know there. Easy. They will then find you in the club and pass you back the car keys.

This is on a Monday night out at about 11.00 pm and the place is about 70% full. I was quite surprised because I always thought that it will be pretty empty. When we got in, my friend followed the waiter and was seated near the VIP area. Coincidentally, it is also next to the women's toilet....... very quiuckly, the table is full of Tom Yum and there was only like 4 guys with about 6 Tom Yum.

Since this is the first  time to this place, we decided to just open a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. And boy! looking at the menu here, it is more expensive than YES CLUB. A Black Label for RM 398! Anyway, lets give the place a go....... So, as I was saying, there are a lot of the Tom Yums around our table. But the problem is, we need to entertain them! We are the ones that need to ask for their names, where they from, etc. Feel like I am the one working, not them. Very disappointing. But after a while of entertaining them, 1 of them started to ask to play games..... as usual and all of us were damn happy to oblige as we are already getting bored and there's like still 3/4 bottle. Just like 10 minutes into the game, they started to ask for flowers. I was like thinking..... since I entertain them, shouldn't they be giving me flowers instead!

We then quickly finish the bottle and left the place by 12 midnight. Sorry to say but that was one bad experience. Don't think any of us will ever suggest that place..... EVER!

The map below is for LUXY (Now renamed YES CLUB). Maze is just next door.

Rating :
Parking : RM 10Beer (Tower) : RM 149Black Label : RM 398
Flower (Min) RM 50Crown : RM 300Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 50Quality : 3/10Band : Yes
Band : 4/10Singers : 3/10Entertainment : 4/10
WIR : NoOverall : 3/10

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