Friday 2 January 2015

YES 2 girls are all in Yes in Hartamas!

This is an update to all you guys! YES 2 was reported to have been raided and girls was in lock up for 5 days. They are now released and refused to go back to YES 2. If you want to catch them in action, go to Yes Club in Hartamas! It is now flooded with Tom Yams! Last count was at least 130 to 150 Tom Yams. Chiak be liao!

Also note that Yes is not as high roller as YES 2, so, its more cost effective!

All pics are from Yes 2 FB Page.


  1. Yo. Which TFC has Korean PR girls??? Please do a review if there is such a TFC place. Thanks

    1. I have heard of a place like that in Hartamas. But I was also told that most people in there are only Koreans (including customers). The only problem for me is that it cost about RM 1,500 per head! Was told that includes some drinks as well. Can't afford to review such an expensive place bro.

    2. Hi , I would like to give comment on your PR Korean. Lately went to OS3 club and seems like they have upgraded their tom yam girl to international. I saw there are few Russian and Korean girl working as PR there, do give a check out there.

  2. Hi,

    Do you know where I can find this korean place you are talking about? I have a few korean visitors, they might be interested to try it out. Thanks

  3. I went to Pixie Mansion (last time Neverland, behind the old Butter Factory) and they had Korean and Taiwanese girls..