Friday 2 January 2015

Club W @ Mont Kiara

Club W. This is one of the place that we have had most request to review. I think many have heard of it and it have been a mixed review by most people.

As usual, our time of arrival is always about 10 pm. It is located just next to OSS (actually, before OSS). For those that have STILL not been to OSS yet, it is in Solaris @ Mont Kiara. Map is attached below.

Valet parking is still at RM 12. Its not really valet, but more like parking fees. They do not park your car for you, just give you a space. So, do not complain on the valet charges. Alternative is to park at the underground carpark if you want to save a few bucks.

As we walk to Club W, there's a mamak style cafe just outside the Club and they are serving Boat Noodle style stuff. Thai food of course and usually, it is quite pack with people, especially the Tom Yams. A small entrance just to the right of the huge W sign (picture above). No fancy walkway. Just straight right into the action.

We got in and truth be told, was surprised with their 3 level club. The bottom level is the same level with the stage. We didn't manage to get to the second and third level. I think it is either for reserved guest and VIP/ Hi Rollers. But anyway, as usual, got in and a few girls came over. These bunch are quite quiet and we have to put in some effort. Looking at other tables, most girls are not the active type. So, we proceed to order a bottle of Whisky. It is about the same price with OSS.

The normal drinking and slowing evolving to game playing and stuff. Not much interesting things to say about this place. I have to stress a few things here. The models were going up the stage in batches that lasted 15 to 20 minutes each batch of about 20 girls. There's like 3 batches in total. So, with waiting time and changeover of the girls, we wasted 1 hour and 20 minutes looking at them...... OK..... not so much wasted but we were hoping to see the band. Don't get me wrong, some of the girls were out of this world! (I like the French Maids uniforms!), but I am dying for some performance as the girls on our table is so quiet, we have no idea how to react!

The band came up about 11.45 pm. Majority of the songs are English songs and truth be told, ain't great as well. There's a couple of Chinese songs and some Thai Songs. I was truthfully very disappointed with the place. I think it is because they made it to 3 levels, it made the place feel cramped and small. The band is also not great, so, more -ve points. It wasn't long before we decided to leave the place at about 12.30 midniught. It was one of the earliest days I can remember. Also, still have a quarter bottle left! I simply have no idea when was the last time I have been out and we have less than 1 bottle!

Note to self: Next time, get some girls that can spice up my table! Not the sit down and do fuck all people. We were there to have fun, not for another person to be just there to help drink a few sips.

Sorry guys, not much to say about the place even with 2 hours 30 minutes in the place. It was very boring for me and my friends. If you have a different experience of the place, please write to us at and tell us of your experience and suggestion.

Also, the map below is for OSS. There is no map for Club W yet but it is just before OSS. You can't miss it.

Parking : RM 12 Beer (Tower) : NA Black Label : NA
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150 
# of PR : ~ 80 Quality of PR : 6/10 Band : Yes
Band : 6/10 Singers : 5/10 Entertainment: 6/10
WIR : No Overall : 6/10

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  1. Boring place, always kena raid as well. Higher levels are not restricted to VIP, just that they are mostly reserved by regulars. Usually sit at the top floor if friends feel like W instead of OSS.

    They also have KTV rooms behind where more sleazy stuff happens.

    Overall, I hate the 3 level design as it makes the place feel so small and crowded when it really isn't. Girls also mostly cold fish style, not the fun type.