Friday 10 October 2014

Sense @ Scotts Garden

Similar to an earlier post, Sense Club is also located in the Scotts Garden shopping complex. Again, not difficult to find and valet services are available. Valet services are at RM 20 flat. For those that have yet to read about Pixie Luxe, Scotts Garden is located along the Old Klang Road. If you are coming From the Subang/ PJ area, it will be after the Pearl International Hotel. Go straight and you will see the building on your left with Tesco signboard.

Now, more importantly, the details of the place. At the valet, take the escalator upstairs and turn left. Then take an immediate left and move along the walkway. You will see a Chatime and then followed by 7-11. Keep moving and you will see Hits (We will review this place another time). Next to Hits is Sense.

To be fair, we were there on a Saturday, thus, not many customers and girls are a little bit more aggressive (gotta hit target mah). Got in as normal, got a place and order a drink. All along, no girl followed us, strange - they are all sitting around. Then, 1 came and then a second and a third. Initially, it is the standard chats and stuff and the band is playing at the background and I have to say, some of the singers are pretty good. There's an African rapping as part of the Thai band! This is very.... very impressive.

Back to the girls..... they started to get very aggressive! One of them were holding my hands and keep pushing it to her top! Seriously, I was surprised how aggressive they are! That kept going on for the next 45 min and I was trying to have a drink! Left hand on my whisky glass, right hand..... ummmm you know where lah. Of course, as usual, its all for hitting targets. Paid a RM 100 flower and "she needs to go to toilet" sentence came out. Obviously, I didn't see her after that. Thats OK. Continue to enjoy my drinks. The singer then came along and we knew this guy from another pub. Chatted with him for a while and a few drinks.

Not long after that, another girl came. She did exactly the same thing as the first girl! This time, within 15 minutes! I didn't even get her name  and I already know the size of her cup! Well, it goes on for another 30 minutes or so before asking for flowers. So, I guess in Sense, this is the Modus Operandi (MO). Anyway, left soon after but I would say that it is a reasonable place to be at if you are looking for some "fun".


Parking : RM 20 (Valet)Beer (Tower) : RM 168Black Label : RM 479
Flower (Min) : RM 50Crown : RM 300Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 60Quality : 7/10Band : Yes
Band : 7/10Singers : 8/10Entertainment : 8/10

WIR : YesOverall : 8/10

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