Tuesday 14 October 2014

Groove @ Hartamas

OK..... this is not the standard entry for our TFC posting but found this really cool Retro bar along Hartamas TFC row! It started out as a standard TFC night for us and Hartamas YES remains our favourite. So, got  there early and got the car parked by Valet there for RM 10, as usual. Got into YES and had some reasonable and good drinking sessions. I have to say that the quality of Tom Yam have significantly improved since the last time we were there. Once the bottle was finished bout 11.30pm, we were not ready to have another bottle and decided to take it slow for the rest of the night. Left YES and stroll around the area for a quiet place to drink.

Found this pub, Groove, at the corner lot between YES and Simone. It is the ONLY pub on that row without PRs! So, decided to give it a try. So, got in and started playing darts and enjoying the beers. The music is REALLY REALLY GOOD if you are into Retro music (80s and 90s). For the first time in a long while, I don't have anyone pressuring me to open tequilas, buy flowers, buy crown or any of those shits. Its down to a few guys having some basic fun and guessing games...... yes, guessing games. The whole night was laughing about who knows what songs and the band playing it! Strange enough, it was really good, decent, clean fun.

Sorry to post this up but we just needed an escape from the TFC at times! If only we could get some of the girls from YES to come over and have fun with us, that will even be better - minus the tequilas and flowers of course! Just a point to ponder...... are we getting old or just getting bored of TFC? Must be just getting old! How do you get bored of TFC! Come on! Anyway, for those readers out there, I think its great to be at the Hartamas row having fun at TFC joints, but, I think it is even greater to stop by this joint, have a few beers, then proceed to the TFC joints. cheaper that way also. A jug for RM 68 and promo coming soon for a tower for RM 100. We choose the other way, which is to TFC first, then slow down at this place. Whichever your choice is, you should give this place a try. I had fun.........


Parking : RM 10 (Valet)Beer (Tower) : RM 100Black Label : Dunno
Flower (Min) : NACrown : NATequila (Tray) : NA
# of PR : 0Quality : NABand : No
Band : NASingers : NAEntertainment : 8/10

WIR : YesOverall : 8/10


  1. Equally as important a joint. Newbie to TFC blog. Happy to find it.

  2. I love it there. I always go there.