Saturday 2 August 2014

Pixie Luxe @ Scotts Garden

Updating this place : This place is now closed. Sorry Brothers for losing a TFC joint!

One of the place to visit in located at the 1st floor of Scott's Garden.  It is actually situated near the elevator for the basement carpark.  If you come from the front entrance of scott's garden, just walk up 1 floor on the escalator and walk straight passing by Movida and Cocoon.  The last joint will be Pixie Luxe.  (we like to pronounced it "Pixie Luxy" as we're a big fan of Luxy in the old days)

Once you entered the joint, you will see a segment for iDarts on your right. Proceed to enter left and you will see a stage and tables. {Literally just tables only.  Do stand up for the whole show through out the night please. There is a segment for VIP couch and tall tables on the far left.  If you want good crazy fun, site where the high rollers sit/stand.  Right infront of the stage.  First class view of all the sweet stuff for your eyes.  Not to mentioned never ending supply of PRs dropping by and greet you.

Next is drinks.  Most of the patrons here order beer towers.  As for us, only liquor and shots.  The best buy is JW Gold Label, RM 420/btl but ONLY before 11pm.  Glenmorangie is RM400.  The rest is not so interesting.  Overall, drinks here are quite pricey.  Make sure you ordered most of the drinks before 11pm.  And.... No, the PRs dot get commission for drinks.  So its full fledge flowers / tray of diluted whatevers.

There is a full live band set (yes, with drum set finally :) ) comprises of  10 - 12 singers plus a Malaysian version of Mr. Pit Bull.  (You will geddit when you go there)  Songs are mellowed down to typical Malaysian/Singaporean flavors.  English and mandarin songs mostly.  If there is any thai songs, it is is mostly usually a bit seasoned.  (You can forget about new hit thai singles which the singers  will know none of it).  As for lady singers, yes!  Superb.  Voice is OK but who are we kidding?  More micro skirt and butt cheeks your eyes can feast.  This is the time you are glad you took the table in front of the stage. 

PRs here are mostly "Tom Yams" (let's call it TY) but there are some Taiwanese cuisines.  Yes, you did not get it wrong.  Taiwanese. Thread with care or at your own risk.  Local CKTs are coyote dancers.  Most of you guys out there already knew that.  Total PRs (may differ from time to time) is about 50 - 60 candies.  Quality is moderate and services or GFE is below average.  And yes, these are serious butterflies we are talking about.  Unless you already got your own or brought your own with you :D ( IMHO, you can bring your own.  It is quite OK)

Generally, this is place is quite moderate for fun factor.  Most of the patrons entertain themselves by watching the live band.  DJ Music is also below average.  Plus, you grew tired mostly because of standing the whole night.  If there is a good PR that can divert your attention, well, considered yourself lucky.  Overall, there is hardly a crazy bunch and the environment is quite steady.  There is good and bad in that. 

Nevertheless, these are only reviews and beauty is subjective to the eye of the beholder.  There is nothing more satisfying than trying it out by yourself with your drinking buddies :)

Parking : RM 20 (Valet) Beer (Tower) : RM 168 Black Label : RM 479
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 60 Quality : 5/10 Band : Yes
Band : 7/10 Singers : 8/10 Entertainment : 4/10
WIR : No Overall : 5/10

WIR - Would I Return/ Revisit

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  1. Last 2 weeks kena raid, selection is very less now