Friday 24 August 2018

SOHO @ Sunway Mentari

Heard there is a “so called” new place in sunway mentari and we decided to dropped by to have a first feel. 

This is actually an old TFC joint that had a new name or management.  It was previously known as Gangnam Star / Relax Club and etc.  For those that are not familiar, it is located in sunway mentari near to Lai Kong Restaurant.  It is facing Lai Kong Restaurant in between the open space car park.  If that still doesn’t give you a clue, it is located at PJS 8/4.

Car park here is free and there is abundance.  However, do select your spot carefully as the place is abit err… dodgy and sometimes there are drunkards (not patrons from any bar or joint) that may throw some beer bottle(s).  Not to worry much, drunkards usually got a lousy aim. 55.

We started rather early that day as it was our first stop at 10pm.  The place was empty with 4-5 thai girls and 1 local girl.  We are the first table and customer.  A friendly local girl welcomed us and took our orders.  Beers here is about the normal price as below.  We had a bottle of JW Black Label at RM398 and surprisingly it is original.  Really guys.  We are surprised as well.  In KL & Klang valley, we can say almost all the (80-90%) TFC joint sells you fake liquor with jacked up price.  That right guys. Don’t go bragging or challenge any Ah Pek how good a drinker you are.  Chances are you have been consuming watered down 25% or 30% industrial alcohol all this while.

When it gets later in the night, there are a total about 8 to 10 girls.  Maybe it due to the “windy” season but one thing for sure, FIRST time in our life (I swear), not a single Thai Girl came over to even say hello.  Even though there are only about 3 tables of customers including us.  This is by far the worst place we have ever been.  Odds are, if you are (very) young and (very) handsome you will have a few girls on your table.  Otherwise, zero. Nadda. Zip. Nil.  Oh well, better write up about this place before it close up soon. LOLs.

There is no band at all.  There is only 2 local singer that mostly sings Chinese.  They are ok looking.  Nope they didn’t stopped by to say hello also.  Seems like everyone is here is on an attitude here.  Except the bangla that refill our ice for us and the local girl (only one) that help us shorten our torment there. 

It is most unfortunate that we could not elaborate further as there is nothing to elaborate.  Other than the original bottle we had there is nothing worth coming back at this place.  Perhaps it is like this because there are no managers /boss / anyone that manage the place at all.  If you have follow our posts before this, we never gave such bad review to any place at all.  Hence, you can only imagine or try it out yourself.
Parking : free Beer (Tower) : RM 178 Black Label : RM398
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 300
# of PR : ~ 20 Quality of PR : 4/10 Band : Yes
Band : nil Singers : 4/10 Entertainment: 0/10
WIR : HELL NO Overall : 0.1/10



  1. Shit place rather go to the b2b next door

  2. Same story goes to Gent CLUB that located near to , haha, that club also quite rubbish , lotsa TOM yam there but attitude is like shit, the local gal / male singer also acting high class shit.

    1. How these places survive in Sunway Mentari is way beyond me..... rather just go to Hot Seat....