Tuesday 14 March 2017

The Dome @ Hatyai

Guys..... I really must tell you guys about this joint in Hatyai. Best giler! Way better than the TFC in Malaysia and I can only wish there is a place like this in KL..... definitely be a regular there.

The whole story starts like this. About a year ago, a friend of mine invite all of us for a Bachelor night in Bangkok, targeting it to be in October or November. So the planning starts.... from The Pimp, The Villa, Secret City, Pegasus, and many more places to party hard! All set already. Money saved up, itinerary planned, and awaiting the great event. 1 month before the event, he cancel it and delayed the trip to later...... and change venue to Hatyai..... I was furious!!! WTF from BKK to Hatyai! But anyway, his Bachelor's Party mah..... takkan want to marah him.....

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So we re-plan for Hatyai. Trust me when I say this...... There are not many places in Hatyai to go. Its all the old places like Kiss Lounge, Kiss Channel, Sakura, etc...... As much research I did on Hatyai, nothing comes out much. I even joined forums to ask around..... and kena tiau for suggesting to go Hatyai. Never mind. So, other than the obvious above, also found a new place - The Dome, Gentlemen's Club. Now, Anyplace says that it is a gentlemen's club, I always have mid expectation coz for me, The Pimp IS a Gentlemen's Club. Many other places says it only but kinda crap.

So, the trip is on. Travel to Hatyai and do the standard stuff. At night, we went to The Dome. It is actually located at the JB Hansa Hotel. As soon as we were at the entrance, it's Member's subscription. Standard MO for Gentlemen's Club - 2 Bottles JD Black Label for THB 5,000. I guess that is OK price. If you don't want to be member, normal entry charges apply. I think its like THB 500 for 1 bottle of beer. The bouncer then open the main door and it was a corridor of about 30 meters long...... and it is filled with girls, girls, girls! Crazy loads of them. Easily OSS or some even Paramount quality!

Anyway, got in there and it is quite a simple layout. Strangely, it feels like its even smaller than OSS. closer to T RUC size or even Second in Cheras. The girls are super friendly and really knows how to get you in the mood to drink. So, we chat, laugh, play some games and do some standard things in TFC. DJ is playing some mix Thai Songs with EDM music and it is definitely feeling a little strange with than combo. So..... the entertainment starts........

Models/ PR Stripping..... KL can find ah??
First, the akua show. 4 Trans were up there singing Thai songs and being the standard Akua entertainment.... doing stupid stuff and all. I have to say, 1 of them quite a looker..... Then, they start stripping! Topless only of course...... Me and my friends were a little stun...... can find this in Hatyai meh! As the Akua show ends, the models/ PR's turn. As they move up to the stage, I was like a little disappointed already..... its like standard KL TFC lor...... no, but wait. They went up for 10 minutes for the standard modelling around and do some dancing........ AND THEY START STRIPPING!!!! I was like.... FUCK HELL!!! YES!!! Finally! We found a place in Hatyai worth visiting over, and over again!!! The quality of the girls are quite OK and their body is ...... I would say, cannot complain lah.
This pic from Instagram
The show last for another 45 minutes before they came down for the band. the band was OK I guess and play some Thai songs for about 1 and a half hour..... then the models went up again! Stripping again!!! I was too busy that night to focus on anything. The girls on our table keep asking us to open lady's drinks and we did open some for them...... only THB 250 per drink and you can open 2 shots for them. Not like KL that keep insisting 1 tray or more. Also, no flowers, no crown, no jacket. Plain and simple LD only!

For any of you whom wanna go Hatyai for a visit, this is definitely a must visit place! Have fun guys!

Parking : N/A Beer (Tower) : N/A Black Label x 2: THB 5,000
Flower (Min) : N/A Crown : N/A Tequila : THB 250 / shot
# of girls : 80 Quality : 9/10 Band : 6/10
Aggressiveness: 8/10 Singers : 7/10 Entertainment : 10/10
WIR : HELL YES! Overall : 9/10


  1. Is worth it spend all your money there :D

    1. Worth every sen.... none in KL and BKK too expensive

  2. Those Strippers available for "extra service"? Just asking :)

  3. already been there many time..mustafa if the girl like you then he will offer extra service..and you must wait till 4am malaysia time to go with the girl..here is different from bangkok or phuket where you can take to hotel if you pay barfine..

  4. Yes.. the girls can extra service, if they suka you. The last time I was there, asking rate was 5000baht! Tried to nego, but cannot. And... as mentioned, need to wait till 5am (thai time) before can bring them back hotel. 5k is a lot of money and is standard bkk rate already. But it was fun even without bring them back.

    1. Damn! I ask and they tak layan langsung........ 5k is expensive but at least you ada chance! 55555

  5. You guys went to party at dome on weekend or weekdays ? Do you guys prefer on weekend or weekdays ?