Tuesday 4 August 2015

Modern Club @ Shamelin

OKOK! The picture is utterly rubbish but this is how the entrance looks like! I cannot find a better angle to take the pic.....

Ok guys. It has been a very long time since I updated this blog. But we have been to many new places and were just a little busy to update this. Yes…… we do have a day job and not just drinking everyday!

I was in a new place slightly more than a month ago, called Modern Club. I’ve also heard that they area also known as M Club (Facebook Page as M Club). The place has only been opened 2 weeks when we visited there. When I was told of the place, I thought it was in the commercial area of Shamelin (where most of the TFC are located). But when Waze got us there, it is actually at the industrial area instead!

 Finding a parking is relatively easy and we manage to park just outside the Club. FREE PARKING! It was already 11 pm when we got there but the place remains pretty empty. I was seriously thinking of cutting our losses and leave but ordered a bottle of Macallan instead! I am convinced that the Whisky is fake as it was virtually tasteless. Order beer instead! Better be cheated over a cheap stuff than the expensive one!

However, the girls there are simply GREAT! They are friendly, chatty and funny. They also know how to work the customers…… damn good service (NOT THAT SERVICE!!!!) I would have seen at least 90 Tom Yum there. Most of them are from East Club and a few from YES Club (Familiar faces!) Played some games – standard stuff (dice and rock, paper, scissors) and loads of “manja, manja”. They are very pretty as well!

The stage is also awesome! Moving DJ console and stage is nicely done! The music they played is also quite good – EDM mostly. However, the band is just average. Nothing to shout about.

This is one place I definitely had fun and don’t mind to revisit again – if it is closer to my home turf.

Rating :
Parking : Free Beer (Tower) : RM 178 Black Label : RM 388
Flower (Min) RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 90 Quality : 8.5/10 Band : Yes
Band : 7/10 Singers : 7/10 Entertainment : 7/10
WIR : Yes Overall : 8/10


  1. Went 2 nights ago. Parking is not free, there're "friendly" jockey to charge you RM10 even you park at the main road parking lot (Hailam Kopitan lane, with painted box)
    The jockey even told me each side of the lane, the side road or the main, has different jockeys i.e. different "kongsi"?
    But the club is fun though. I like the show.

    1. Sorry to hear about the parking. Seems like these business constantly attract the premium "valet" services.

  2. Went there last night, u have to park away from the eye sight of the 'friendly' jockey haha. The girls are really friend as recommended ! and my gang and I personally think that the quality there is even higher than Onyx yet the girls will still appreciate even RM50 flower. Overall its a fun night !

    Some update, the tower is now 178. Tq.

  3. Thank you Brother for the update! Girls better than ONYX? Wow! Very high ratings! Got to revisit there again!

  4. Any promo beer? Like onyx 3 towers got 330

  5. Buy 2 Free 1 at 350... mix water...
    Sunday all night Long 100 on tower Free You water As Well... in the tower...

  6. Excuse me can I know about all price of whisky and beer package

  7. Excuse me can I know about all price of whisky and beer package

  8. Hi im going to this club tonight. Hope the quality maintain same as in the review. Anyone has updated price? Any happy hour price etc?

  9. Went there for the Xmas Eve 2018.
    Beer price at around 170 for 1 tower, 2 tower at 32x, but i heard there is a 3 tower package which the I am not aware of.
    Singleton price went up from 438 (22 dec 2018) to 483 during Xmas eve.

    Flower still RM50 min, 300 crown, 1000 cape.

    Thai band with thai songs mostly. The older singers got good voices.

    Girls here are kinda territorial where if you hang alot for 1 girl, the rest won't bother to come unless you request for the supervisor to look for one unless you lengzai la. That was my mistake LOL. Even when i hanged 1000 over for 2-3 girls and order a few towers and a few bottle singletons.

    If they like you, they will start off with asking you for supper after the club closes. Of course need to fetch them back. Higher level means ahem.. ^^

    Hope that helps.