Thursday 3 March 2016

Lexxus @ Fraser Business Park, KL

This piece of review is requested by one of our readers, Mr. T - no names mentioned for obvious reason lah! Coincidentally, it is a day that all my friends want to try a new place just because we have been looking at the same TY and same place for just too long!

Here comes Lexxus! I have to say that the KL area is usually not one of our favourite places to go. It is very far for all of us - 2 of us are from Subang and 2 more from Kepong. Also, it is usually very dodgy and run down places (last few times we go Cheras, not too impressed - the kind of back alley Tiu Fa Cheong!)
Save on your hotel -

Looking for the place is not too difficult - just have to trust your Waze to bring you to Fraser Business Park. We didn't manage to find Lexxus on Waze. If all fails, look for Esperance. Got there using Waze and was looking for the place. There is a huge signboard for ESPERANCE and Lexxus is in that building/ complex. There are actually 3 TFC/ Pub/ Bar/ Club in there. Didn't have the time or money to check out all 3 - CRAZY meh friend! Not printing money in the morning to spend in the night lah!

There is no valet, just the in complex parking lot. That also have to pay RM 10. Park just outside the building, free! Baru sampai, already wasted RM 10....... and no one say "Kop Khun Ka" somemore..... So, we go in and the looks of the place is actually quite OK - Dark and feeling dodgy with a little luxury with sofas at the side! More like Restroom in Scotts Garden (not review the place yet but been there once). We were early -10.30 pm and there is no customers yet and only 4 girls! OKOK, the places I usually go is full by 9.30 pm and ends by 3.00 am. This kinda 10.30 pm still empty kinda place usually is a little more adventurous type - if you know what I mean....... the kind that I used to get/ go in Dannok or Hatyai and the "Can I touch you there" kinda place!

We are quite far back and the place was empty!
Anyhow, asked for the menu and the prices are actually quite OK. Beer is a little on the higher end but Black Label is OK - RM 398. So, we were hanging out with 2 of the TY there and basically the same old intro, how old r u, where you from, and all those shits. by 11.30 pm, theres like a total of about 50 girls. But to be honest guys, the place is too big to have only 50 girls, so, it does not feel like a lot of girls. Compare that with OSS (about the same size place) that have about 100 TY and our usual joint, Level, which is only 2 shoplot, have 80, this place feels and look light, very light. One strange thing is that all the girls are not "touchy". Unlike OSS, Level, OS3 or many other places I go, the girls just stands there or sits there, play game with you, etc. But it feels like a "touchy" place.... well, don't care and continue with games and drinks......

Suddenly, 1 girl came over and to our surprise, its an old friend that we used to know from like 4 years ago! The only difference is that she looks more delicious, bigger boobs, and slimmer! Suddenly, she looks yummy! Then, another familiar face - a singer whom we used to know in Level is also here. She is now the Manager of Lexxus - Thai girl also can become manager! I am impressed! Bet she is REALLY "close" to the owner.......hahaha.

I have to say that the music they play are OK only. Some Techno and old EDM. The band is not the best I've seen but I would say that it is only passable. Overall, the music ain't great, the band is only OK and there are quite little girls. The Plus point when we were they is that there is not a lot of customers, so, there are like 8 girls on our table of 4 guys..... ok mah..... all hands are full! But the TY quality is only average. A few good looking ones but mostly the normal looking girls. So guys, don't have your expectation too high! Its not Paramount or YES 2!

Parking : RM 10 Beer (Tower) : RM169 Black Label : RM 398
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : Unknown
# of PR : 50 ~ 60 Quality : 6/10 Friendliness : Average
Band : Average Singers : 5/10 Entertainment : 5/10
WIR : Maybe (Got friend there mah) Overall : 6/10

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