Monday 8 May 2017

Platinum Dance Club @One City Mall

There is brand new "upclass" TFC joint we heard it in One City and decided not to try it out immediately.  For non regulars of One City Mall, we highly recommend you park your card at the valet (or anywhere nearby) near Maybank as the underground parking is way too big to maneuver and finding the right elevator is nearly impossible.  Try to get too the elevator nearest to facing the rear of Maybank (whcih is back to back with a mamak) via the side entrance to the mall and you should be very near.  However the side entrance is only opened during mall hours.

The joint is located in the 4th floor and you will find the big entrance with a few well dressed security guys.  The place is so big there are segregated 3 area(s).  The 3 segments are open pub, TFC and karaoke rooms.

Go in to the main entrance walkway and you find the 1st segment of open pub area with Live Band (local).  This place has quite local lady clients and also PR(s).  However, the origins of the PR is quite hard to determine if they are local CKTs, Viets or Pinoys. (most seniors at play would know these words, LOL).  The 2 piece live band mostly sing chinese and english songs.  Nothing much interesting here but  the seating(s) here which consist of high bar stool and apparently the lady patrons here and PR are mostly in short skirts.  We will let you imagination run wild from here.  Or you may try have a few cold ones here during happy hours.  :)

As you pass through the open pub area, you will find another glass door entrance.  Proceed inside you your will find the TFC area.  By the the waiter(s) and the girls will greet you and you know you found the right place.

The place is huge at the size of W or OSS with elevated VIP area.  There is a stage in front but there are no live bands unlike other TFC joints.  The entertainment here are shows (cabaret or sort of) DJ music only.  The interior setup here is quite classy with good lighting(s) and passable sound system.

The DJ music during early hours is quite good by Lady DJ from Thailand.  Quite a looker too.  She played quite cool EDM that is from this year or the year before.  Unlike other clubs that still play some old ass club music dated 10 years back. (Any DJs in reading, seriously you guys are really behind time).  However the chill environment will escalate to more drum & bass EDM much later at night which is err.. quite noisy.  (Something like Skrillex's set which we don't favor that much. lol)

We have one only opinion on the price of the drinks here.  Expensive.  A tower of Tiger is RM200+ here and the liquor price is similar to OS3 or close to Paramount's standard.  Perhaps we have expected the price to be like any common TFC joints in PJ / klang valley area.  It is anticipated that this establishment may not last long if they do not have a good promotion or sales strategy real soon.  For reference, a bottle of JW BL is at RM499.  We will let you guesstimate the other liquors.  Unfortunately we could not advise you on the authenticity of the liquors here for now as we had tigers for drinks.

As for the girl(s), we sincerely hope the quality has improve since our first and only visit.  There are about 20+ models and 20+ PRs.  The quality is beyond anything we have experienced before in any newly opened TFC.  Lets just put it this way, a model has offered (by buy out) to go home with one of us after sitting at our table for 10 minutes.  That is not the surprising thing.  The surprising thing is we answered N-O, NO.  To our humblest opinion the quality  here is below par.  There is only 3 passable ladies at the moment.  2 of them above 30+ years and one is a LB (and that is not the only one).  These are some snapshot(s) we have taken ourself during the visit.

 Please do excuse me for the shaky hands.

 These are the snapshot(s) we borrowed from FB which we felt may have made us overexpecting the circumstances.

It is not our prerogative to judge the quality in a single visit hence, do experience it yourself and update us if the quality of girls has improved now.

The girl(s) here are not so pushy but to our opinion, they know where they stand. Hahaha.  However, they are thirtsty camels as there aren't many customers.  Do expect you tower to last 15 to 20 minutes if you venture early.

In summary, we could not be so glad to get out from the place after 2 towers.  Lol.  Perhaps, it is the timing we went which was 2 weeks before Songkran.  Or no.  We let u be the judge on it. :) 


Parking : RM 15 Beer (Tower) : RM 200 Black Label  : RM 499
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : Didn't ask!
# of girls : 40+ Quality : 3/10 Band :NONE
Aggressiveness: 5/10 Singers : nil Entertainment : 3/10

WIR : NO Overall : 4/10


  1. Like no eye candy leh

    1. Not to say much or complain, but if the eyes are not painful, you are already lucky!

    2. That bad ah bro hahaha

  2. Open area are locals. All sweet young thing from colleges.

  3. I went last week, new promotion for beers. Now got LIVE BAND but got no ladies, only 6-7 gals only .. haha

  4. Went for a visit last weekend; quality has somewhat improved compared to my previous visits.
    They have new batch of ladies, and they seem to be between the 4~7 quality range.
    Probably still a little below par, but at least they are progressing in the right direction.

    Oh..and I just found out on the same night that they were running Tiger Beer Tower (medium sized tower) @ RM 99/tower at the Open Bar. Consider not to bad in my books lah..

  5. This place how is a hit after they change name to blackhole, gravity very strong. Pretty tomyam work nearby till Scott all come over to work there.

    1. yeah man... the place rocks..

    2. Kinda far for me to go especially now got no car. Gonna get a new car soon, so stay tune!