Thursday 27 April 2017

DNA Club @ The Scott Garden

I think by now everyone has heard of T-Ruc (Ex Trillion/ Billion fame) and here comes the new re-branding- DNA Club. It is essentially the old T-Ruc only that it’s bigger and bolder. Since everyone got an opinion on how to get to The Scott Garden, then I won’t touch too much on the location. For those who don’t know where the club is, go the up the escalators to 1st floor, and walk towards Beer Factory direction and you will get there. And if you’re a regular at The Scott Garden, then it’s directly behind Movida, facing the Telekom tower/ Mid Valley direction.

I personally prefer to park on B3 as not only nowadays there’s plenty of parking but I don’t have to wait like a donkey for the valet. Plus always get ready RM5 notes if you park later than 6pm till late, those parking payment machines are notoriously slow in dispensing change. Oh and they don’t accept anything larger than RM10 notes too, so be sure to get loose change from MyNews or 7-Eleven at the relocated ground floor.

DNA Club now occupies 3 lots compared to 2 in the past. You enter through a relocated entrance and the hallway looks like a space shuttle entrances before entering the main hall.

The stage is the same but now has LED screens plastered all over. There’s also the relocated DJ console area. Overall much improvements over the old T-RUC. One glance, and I can see fresh new paint on the walls, obviously larger space because of the extra and extended shoplot, and much more VIP areas with leather sofas. Oh, and gone are the weird smell that fills my nose if I go in before 10.30pm.

Now the girls. There’s good and bad news.

First the bad news. When we arrive around 10.30pm, we were initially disappointed because the lack of girls over such a huge space. After two sets of model parade, there were less than 40 models, and probably another 20plus PR girls. We were told many girls were still in home town due to the recent Songkran festivities. Bummer.

So after 45mins of dry girl spell we settled for the PR girls who are lurking very near us. Turns out they were very sporting and soon thereafter their hands, body and everything else was sticking like uhu glue all over my bros and me. Oh well some brothers argued they are not the prettiest or slimmest but at least they are good fun and quite aggressive. After warming up and sucking up the diluted beers, it was party time.

The next beer tower came soon enough, and I personally liked the next tower system by coupon. They don’t bring all the towers at once and the service was fast and efficient. For normal days and post happy hours, two (2) towers goes for RM268. If you’re a happy hour junkie, you will be very happy with the RM99 per tower price tag.  Just be sure to order all you can before passing the happyhour mark which is different from certain days. Details below.

After nearly downing 2 beer towers, the PR girls started to push for their tips aka Flowers or Tequila shots. Flowers starts from RM20 (yes this is not a typo error). Tequila shots however are usually served in a tray of 6 and cost RM120. Mind you, these are really the cheapest in town. If you’re some kiamsap muthafucker, then this is really your place. Practically you can hang all night long! 555
*Note: if you think by giving RM20 to the girls and hoping they will stay then you really are in luck! Expect to tip at least RM100 lah.

Anyways, they will be having a soft launch from 24th to 26th April and all are welcomed. Time to try my luck with the PR girls again!

Parking : RM5
Beer (Tower) : RM99
Black Label  : RM398
Flower (Min) : RM20
Crown : RM300
Tequila (Tray) : RM120
# of girls : 60
Quality : 8/10
Band : 8/10
Aggressiveness: 7/10
Singers : 8/10
Entertainment : 6/10
Overall : 8/10