Tuesday 25 January 2022

HOTSEAT @ Sunway Mentari

This is certainly a familiar household name to those TFC guys in PJ/Klang Valley and certainly does not need any introductions.  Yes, the place was back in business since Nov 2021.  Finally accumulated some courage to do a re-visit.  Mind you - Covid is a concern but there is also a major concern of RM5k summons, ok?  These old bones are too seasoned to compete (running) with the young thai girls if police come.  

The interior did not changed at all surprisingly.  Including all the seating and tables.  Even found the same shaky table that we used to seat.  Just refer to the photo below. I am not even surprised if the CNY decors are from 2019 Feb pre-MCO.

OK. Enough chit chat and straight to the juicy stuff.  There are some significant differences to the ambience compared with the old days.  There is a band, but it is a chinese 2 piece band.  Well, what do u expect?  Chinese songs are played mostly but they did sang Om Phra Ma Poo Gor Mai Cheur-ah.  *a very small yay i guess. 555

There are 30 girls (+/-) working on the Friday night which really quite a rare sight post-MCO.  There are a fair mixture of good looking ones and some err.. we let u do the judgement.  Bottom line, the quality of girls is "OK lah".  Samples below.

First thing I asked her is that If her BF selects her attire to work that day. haha. Sweet looking but do not let it fool you.  Most of the girls there are the super old bird and battle hardened.  To top it futher more, they are super duper hungry or pushy for stickers.  Not even bothered to start with RM100 but Straight away push for RM300 sticker.  Before even knowing/asking your name.  I guessed there is no time to remember names.  Well, it is quite logical when the operating hours has been cut short from 6pm to 1am.  Yes, u heard it rigtht, 1am.  Do stay after 12.01am at you own risk ya.

The price for beers are quite reasonable actually. Happy hour before 7pm is RM98 per bucket of 5 carlsberg.  Its original beers, for now that is 555.  After HH, it is RM148/bucket. Still OK wor.  Or maybe we have frequented too many local joints alrdy where the price is really steep. Managed to get 3 girls drunk with these original beers hahaha. Sadly when its almost time to depart only saw this beside my table.  Well too drunk to do anything anyway.

Overall, the place is OK lah and worth visiting. The air cond is super cold hence do avoid wearing too sexy. 😂  The summarized review as below.


Parking : RM5 Valet Beer (5bots) : RM 148 (non HH) Black Label : nil

Sicker (Min) : RM100 Big Pop sticke: RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : nil

# of PR : ~ 30 Quality of PR : 6.7/10 Band : Yes

Band : nil Singers : 4/10 Entertainment: 5/10

WIR : Maybe, as still many place to try Overall : 7/10


  1. pushie bar i no like...
    i still miss those n.sembilan bar with high cusion like old hong kong chan ho nam movie...can even squieeze papaya..

  2. Wow this place still surviving. I remember my favourite girl there was this Thai-Malay mix, but that was ages ago.

  3. Happy Chinese New year. Glad you're back. So sad all my kakis left this scene, now I'm all alone and I only can see your post.

  4. Didn't notice they are open. Drove pass last night no sound no light no anything .

  5. Police came visit them on 17/3 Monday....

  6. Got raided last Saturday night. Looks like it’s attracting too much attention.