Sunday 2 April 2017

Funky Villa @ Scotts Garden

Brothers. Here we are again visiting Scotts Gardens. Some of our readers have asked for this place to be reviewed. So, we went there and have a quick look.

First of all, the valet parking at Scotts Garden is a little bit expensive at RM 20. I would recommend parking at the basement parking only. Much much cheaper. But if you take the valet parking service, here's the direction to Funky Villa. Funky Villa is actually the old Sense Club. For those of you that don't know Sense Club, just follow these instructions. First, use the valet service. Go up the escalator to level 1 and turn left towards Mynews. At Mynews, turn left again and follow the corridor. Keep walking until you see Funky Villa. Simple.

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So, getting there is not so difficult. We got there and we got in. I will start with some disappointment. Walk in and no girls greeted us. There was only like 4 tables with customers and there were probably 20 girls already there. Not greeted by anyone. The place look exactly like the old Sense, almost no
change at all. I don't even understand why they bother to rebrand the place. Anyway, we move to the left side of the club. Only 1 table with customer there compare to the entrance area with 3 tables taken. Hoping for someone to notice us cause the area do not have many customers and some girls can come over.

Someone did come over - the Bangla waiter. Nevermind. As we are about to order, 1 girl pop up in front of us and take the order. Still OK as long as she serve us later. So, we ordered a tower of beer and the price is quite reasonable at RM 128. The girl left with the waiter and we were waiting for her to return. We never saw the girl ever again....... But, the manager, Jacob, came over. We were then talking to him and have a chat. Seems like The owner of Funky Villa is the same owner of Sense also. They just decided to do some minor renovation (which I didn't notice at all!) and re-brand the place. So much for effort! He also mentioned that there are 40 girls working there (Max I see was only 20 but maybe they come later - Scotts Garden is all about late crowd) but it was already 11 pm ++ and still not many customers or girls. Only plus point I saw was the Cosplay - Nurses!!!! So, Jacob offered to bring over some girls since I told him its our first time to Funky Villa and want to check out the place (of course we do not reveal that we are from TFC Guy! Sure kena whack!) He promise/ said to bring 2 girls over. We were like - yeah! Manager to propose, sure fun!!! 30 minutes later, we still haven't seen girls or Jacob anymore. so much for any luck here.

So, we continue to drink some beer and just laugh about stupid stuff. You guys just gotta be real, 3 guys in a TFC and no girls, what you want us to talk about..... the weather??? We were bored shit. then 1 girl came over - and not very pretty one I must add. She started to play some game and put in some effort to one of my friends - he the best looking of all 3 of us. Not a chance the girls gonna talk to me first. A little later, another girl came over. So, we have 2 girls and 3 guys. Talk and laugh a bit but I really have to say....... it is REALLY like kena paksa to be there. I just wanted to finish the tower and leave. After 1 hour, we finish the beer (this is joint number 2 for that night). The girls have entertained us for like 15 minutes but already asking for flowers. I understand lah that we are leaving and you entertained us but 15 minutes...... come on. But, it is their job. We weren't too angry or disappointed.

Also, we manage to looked at the band as well. Mostly English songs and a couple of Thai and Chinese songs. Not too impressive. The sound system there sucks big time as well. No points there. I also manage to notice that 1 of the singers there was the old Sense singer. Seems like no change at anything. Just the name. Definitely not 1 of my favorite place.

Parking : RM 20 Beer (Tower) : RM 128 Black Label  : RM 429
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : Didn't ask!
# of girls : 40 Quality : 5/10 Band : 5/10
Aggressiveness: 5/10 Singers : 5/10 Entertainment : 5/10
WIR : No Overall : 5/10


  1. sound like total lost!! haha

  2. It's a shitty club bro who lah suggest u go this lapsap

    1. One of the readers bro..... Since someone suggest, we go have a look lor

  3. checked it up last week .. To be frank, its seriously lapsap .. Only bright side, the beer tower package before 12am 3xtowers for rm288

    1. Fully agree bro.... but still, we have to review it mah