Saturday 11 March 2017

Venus Club @ Scott's Garden

Entrance Of Venus Club
This week's TFC hunting brings us to a familiar place. Scott's Garden. Just got news that a new place just sprung up and taken over Remedy's location.

Save on your hotel -
Welcome to Venus Club! Now, lets just do this step by step. Parking system in Scott's Garden haven't change at all, except it is now RM 20 for the valet service. I guess that now RM 20 is already normal for many places now. A friend of mine ask me why I go and pay for valet parking. The parking in Scott's is easy and cheap..... Hello guys! Hang RM 50 for a girl that sits and drink your alco is OK, RM 20 for someone to park your car is not? Hello..... don't lah be so Kiamsiap!

Anyway, the place is located on the first floor. turn right from the escalator and pass through The Beer Factory X and keep going straight until you reach the end. Venus Club is there. Inside, the layout is the same as when Remedy was here. Almost no change at all but now, with loads of Tomyam around. Glance through he place and notice maybe about 40 girls. Not to say many but ok for a joint this size.

Got in and ordered a tower...... and it is cheap! Very cheap! Only RM 88 for 1 tower! The girls started to come over and yesterday was pretty good. The models are wearing red evening gowns but I just love the PR costume! It's Cosplay Night!!!!! Yeah! School uniforms, short skirts........ and many more.... I'm loving it! So, standard playing games and drinking. Somehow, the girls are not as interactive as my usual place in Level. I kinda find this as a trend now that the girls are not as fun as they use to. All also started to act Hi-So and very difficult to get close. Those days, the girls are always "friendly" and start hugging you and all these shit. Nowadays, they just stand there and look pretty. Or is it me that I am getting bored of TFC??? God forbid! NO!!!!

Price list for the most important thing!
So, after a while, the band start to play and the songs are mostly English songs with a couple of Thai and Chinese as well. I was not impressed at all. Maybe it is because a singer I know, whom is actually the best singer/ entertainer I have seen in a TFC joint pass away 2 days ago in a car accident...... Big loss. Don't think I will find another Thai singer like that in KL anymore....... Was not entertained by the band.

The music by the DJ is quite OK with a decent mix of House and EDM. So, did enjoy a little of the music there. But when I look around the place and observe the rest of the patrons to this new place, everyone looks kinda bored with the standard games and drinks only.

I guess that by now that we have been to many places and seen many new places open and also closed, I kinda figure out that places with a high chance of success is dependent on the first 3 months of opening and the behaviour of the girls. TRUC and Level girls are freaking interactive and highly successful from day 1 while places like Venus seems to have a 50% chance of surviving the next 6 months. Well, lets look and see. From this rate, I might just open my own TFC soon......

Hope this is helpful guys. Enjoy the trip there. Have fun.

Parking : RM 20Beer (Tower) : RM 88Single Malt  : RM 456
Flower (Min) : RM 50Crown : RM 300Tequila (Tray) : Didn't ask!
# of girls : 30Quality : 6/10Band : 6/10
Aggressiveness: 5/10Singers : 7/10Entertainment : 6/10
WIR : YesOverall : 6/10


  1. R.I.P P'Bom
    Indeed he is the best in town

  2. Bom was definitely the greatest in KL! Best I've seen in many TFC!!!

  3. Any new joint recommend? There is new club called The Pink club at Shamelin shopping mall, Bom's liveband crew will start work there next month.