Friday 26 May 2017

Scott's Club @ Scotts Garden

It have been quite sometime since I wrote here. My bad bro..... been busy hunting Tom Yams around KL!

Quite sometime ago, a reader suggested us to review this place and ...... ya ya ya I know.... old place already but still worth reviewing it. This will definitely be worth your time reading and visiting!

This place is very easy to find. Use Waze or Google Maps to Scotts Garden and it will bring you to the valet parking. The price for the valet is one of the most expensive for a TFC - RM 20! But hey! If you are gonna pop crown with RM 300 or a simple flower at RM 50, pay the man for the service lah.

Go up the escalator and keep on walking straight. Pass Movida and pass Remedy and keep on walking and you will reach Scott's Club on your right. Not too difficult to find. So, me and the gang (this time, only 2 other guys joined us) push open the door and it just look like any simple place. Not too fancy like Paramount or OS 3. Not even OSS standard. More like W Club or Level. It is like 10PM already when we walk in...... and we are table number 3! No customers here.... I was like "F**K". We are definitely not going to last long and started planning to go back to Venus if it is this boring. To make things worst, no girls usher us in at all! In my bloody mind, I am already summarizing my night there - drinking with my buddies, no girls on our table, and a Bangla serving us ice and water with our Whisky. So, to minimise the damage, we order beer instead. The price of beer is not too expensive at RM 159. So, 1 tower for the night. Finish and go to Venus.

Because it is only 3 of us, we are taking quite sometime to finish the tower. At 10.30PM, we were only half way through the tower and the girls started to walk in....... My eyes..... my eyes just got stuck with a few of them! Cannot concentrate on 1 only..... too many! All also very delicious like Tom Yam..... get it.... like Tom Yam.... okok bad joke. After they "check in" at the counter, 1 of them join us..... and another...... and another..... and another. We ended up with like 5 girls on our table. Naturally, the half tower finish in like 15 minutes! We are like...... I am staying! If the 2 of you wanna go to Venus, you can go without me! All 3 decided to stay and open a bottle of Macallan at RM 478. Also OK pricing.

The party then start to pump it up. None of the guys were talking to each other anymore. Every is so very busy! Drinking.... and drinking.... and drinking. It's like 2AM already and we are about to finish our 2nd bottle and everyone was a little high. The girls are also getting a little wild and taking our hands to explore the curves and mountains of this land! Can assure you that all of us are already in La La Land at this point! Squeeze it..... the girl said! OKOK..... better stop here as this is suppose to be a review of the place, not a porn site! But rest assure, we knew the girls alot more than they know themselves after that! Pop the third bottle and the fun continues to 5 AM!

The band there is quite OK playing a mix of English, Chinese and a little Thai songs. I would not rate them too highly compared to those I've seen in OS 3, Paramount, Level or even the old OSS. They are just passable. The DJ, however, is quite cute. The sounds that she spins is bearable. I would not say its great but enjoyable.

Left the place at about 5 AM and still having a bulge that is unsatisfied! Now, that's a different story to write about! But I am a very happy puppy that night!

Parking : RM20
Beer (Tower) : 
Black Label  : 398
Flower (Min) : RM50
Crown : RM300
Tequila (Tray) : RM150
# of girls : 120
Quality : 8/10
Band : 6/10
Aggressiveness: 9/10
Singers : 6/10
Entertainment : 6/10
WIR : Yes!
Overall : 7/10


  1. Love your reviews brother keep it up, it give me and my friends good info when we want to check out a place. Do try W club again one day, we go there frequently and it's out best homeground so far :) peace out and cheers!

  2. Yeah bro, please do a re-review of W club KL

    1. Got a lot of recent supporters for W Club recently! Must have changed a lot!

    2. W club the best bro. If go Friday/Saturday night need booking for table if your going late just a word of advice

  3. Bro do a review of the tfc's at TREC

  4. One question. what was the damage on the girls that night?

    1. Averagely about RM 200 to RM 250 per head. Always buy a tequila and ask for neat at RM 150 (ideally do this earlier and get them pretty high with your beer or Whiskey) and either a RM 50 or RM 100 flower.

  5. a review on Level in Hartamas

    1. Not been there for months! The girls keep changing and there have been multiple raids. Will write it once I revisit that place.