Monday 22 February 2016

Paramount @ Kia Peng

Ok guys, I know what you are thinking. These guys have become very lazy and not been telling us the new and exciting places. So, we decided to go to the latest opening in KL and get some reviews for you!

Welcome to Paramount! Some calls it YES 3 as well. Same owners as YES (Previously RCA and now changed to Levels) and the famous YES 2 (Now ONYX). It is in Kia Peng..... and for those that have been to Kia Peng TFC before - NO, it is not the old Neverland. It is actually the old Butter Factory!
Save on your hotel -
So, we got there a little later than our usual timing - 10.30 pm coz most of the people I ask says that the girls only starts coming in at 10.30 pm! Got there on time and the parking lot is empty, VERY empty! It is also not cheap - RM 15 just to park your own car! Hey, but this is KL center, right?? A few of my friends park at the parking lot next to Novotel - only RM 5. Cheaper and you will need every sen savings to go to this place!

So, we enter the place as usual and they have re-decorated the place to a VERY VERY high end outlet! I'm sure there are private rooms etc as well upstairs but they dont allow any of us up there. So, the place look really good and better than alot of international clubs as well!

Asked for the drinks menu and we are damn surprised at the prices there! Our standard Macallan is now...... RM 558! This is like RM 110 more expensive than our standard joint of RM 448!!! And both by same boss/ owner! Again, hey, its KL, right?? While waiting for our drinks, there are no Tom Yam that come to our table..... I mean 0!!! We are like not good enough for them meh? Only like 5 tables are with customers and about 100 Tom Yam around...... fucking model looking, pretty like hell models!!! Looks of an angle, body like Maria Ozawa and tall, slender, beautiful legs! But..... none on our table.

Nevermind lah. We wait. Drinks got to our table in 5 minutes coz no customers yet and the only person entertaining us are the waiter - some are from YES/ RCA/ Level whom recognizes us as we got in...... regular mah! We continue our standard session and starts drinking...... the music there is excellent for those whom like the latest EDM music! Really good DJ spinning the latest, not like the other TFC I have been to that spins out-of-date EDM or some shitty Techno/ Feng tau! And yes, 1 hour pass and STILL no Tom Yam with us!

About after 1 and a half hour in the place, finally, 2 Tom Yam got to our table. So, we just started chatting and drinking...... all the standard and some games. Not more than 30 minutes later, the flower girl lands at our table..... asking for flower already. Now, this place have place flower to another level as well! The minimum price is RM 100!!! RM 100!!! This is now the most expensive flower joint I have been to! Almost all places I go to is at RM 50 and there are some other big places like OSS and OS 3 that have minimum of RM 20. This place, RM 100! Like usual, we said no. The poof! the girls went toilet/ missing in less than 5 minutes!

But I think its OK. Music is good, friends to drink, and tonnes of eye candy!!! Just cannot stop looking around. Finally, saw a girl that I know. Came over and she gets her friends to come over and company us the rest of the night. Good fun and laughs! Got her a RM 100 flower just to say thanks!

More about the place and less about us. The place have got a center stage and like Soju stage, it can automatically go down to create a large dance floor. The center lighting is also spectacular. It can hover down and the effects are really good. Kinda cool to dance around. They also have an OK band but the play mostly English songs and some Thai songs. Their Thai Songs are quite outdated as well. Got the standard "Ruk ter mai mee wan yood", "Dai Yin Mai", and the latest song I heard them sing is "Unlovable". Pretty old songs.

Summary of the place: Cool place and great Interior Design, damn alot of Leng Lui - all Tom Yam but not very friendly and average service, super good DJ and music, OK only for band only and finally, very EXPENSIVE joint to play!

Parking : RM 15 Beer (Tower) : RM199 Black Label : RM 448
Flower (Min) : RM 100 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : Unknown
# of PR : 100 ~ 120 Quality : 9/10 Friendliness : below average
Band : Average Singers : 7/10 Entertainment : 7/10
WIR : Yes Overall : 8/10


  1. A tower of beer was going at 260 the last week I went

  2. any review for the Club ONYX

  3. Label as Vip club but lighting, interior and size like average club in danok, not to forget super expensive drink