Monday 22 September 2014

Sawadee Club @ Sunway Mentari

Updating this place : This place is now closed. Sorry Brothers for losing a TFC joint!

Getting to Sawadee Club is not an easy task. This place is located between Sunway Mentari and Hotseat. There's alot of construction and roadworks around, so, be careful driving and looking for the place. If you are familiar with Sunway, it is just behind the Shell petrol station at Mentari and on the same building as D'Fortune Club. Not too difficult to find. Parking is a little bit difficult and the valet will cost you RM 10 for a roadside parking. Not great.

Entering the joint for the first time is a little exciting especially since the place is still new.  Usually, for a new place, they will bring the best PR with great service and looks fantastic. I was definitely disappointed the moment I step in. There was not many PRs there  (about 20 to 30) all of them are rated average at best. So, they usher us in as usual but without having the normal "friendliness" greetings of many places. Just a dry walk in. After getting a table, the waiter was the one asking for our drinks instead of PR! There were 4 of us that night and about 5 PR came over our table. There were definitely a 5 minutes silence whereby the only entertainment was the band and us talking to each other while the TY just look pretty (I wish they were pretty) and stand there. Drinks was serve quite quickly and no complains there. The waiter was helpful and friendly. Note : Till now, only the waiter spoke to me!

OKOK. Maybe I was a little "Lan Si". Be friendly. So, I started a conversation and as normal, ask for name and self introduce and the chat stops there! I felt that I was working there more than they are working. Mai Pen Rai..... So I look at the band and just talk to each other. Just after 15 minutes, all of them started to leave our table. All they did was to stand around, have a few shots among themselves and leave. This has to be the worst service ever! Oh yeah..... did I say that we had to pour our own drinks, fill up the ice and water as well? Truly felt that I was working there, not them. What a disappointment. And the Air Con wasn't working too well..... so it was hot as hell!

Let the place after 1 hour quickly finishing our bottle. Left for a more "secure joint" that we know and swear that we will never step in again!

Rating :
Parking : RM 10 Beer (Tower) : RM 178 Black Label : RM 388
Flower (Min) RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 25 Quality : 1/10 Band : Yes
Band : 6/10 Singers : 6/10 Entertainment : 2/10
WIR : NO! Overall : 2/10

*WIR - Would I Return

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