Monday 3 September 2018

Hot Seat @ Sunway Mentari

OK guys.... another spot in Sunway Mentari. I guess there are not many other new places that I can go except in Cheras area (which is a little far from me). So, we are back in Hot Seat after 3 years of MIA. My apologies for the crappy photo..... and also tried to look for some good photo's online for you guys but without much success. All are photos of girls with RM 300 and RM 1000 flowers.... I just cannot understand why these places keep posting pics of girls getting these shit. It scares me off everytime I see a place that is for high rollers......

Anyway, we got there about 10.45PM (Which I thought was very late already) and got the valet service parking. To my surprise, only RM 5! RM 5 bro..... why bother charging bro! Might as well get the club to pay for it and say Free Valet service! Parked in front of the club and got in with another friend of mine. The moment we open the door, I almost made a U-turn and get out...... the place was empty!Only got like 25 girls working and 0 customers...... I really mean 0 customers at 10.45PM! Crazy ah! In my mind is that I will be the waterfish of the day already! But anyway, just go..... and see what happens......

So, got in and opened a bottle of Singleton and it was quite cheap (sure fake already) at only RM 411.60.... Initially, the place was super boring. The girls are not talking to us at all and was just posing on our table. Tried to have small chat and basic answers only. So, we continue drinking and with huge quantity of liquor. Hope to get a little high so that can have more fun. 1 hour passed and the place starts to become busy. Customers starts coming in by 12 midnight! And of course, we were slightly high and started laughing and playing games with the girls.

At 12.30AM, another friend of mine entered and joined us. By now, we have already opened the second bottle and just gulping away like there's no tomorrow. The girls are definitely seasoned bunch. Not even slightly high..... think they have been mixing a lot of those green tea with their drinks. Then, we started to order the Tequilas...... neat...... and top up the shot glass with whisky as well. The girls started drinking and at 1 AM, they are slightly high. My friend's girls started to hug and be very very friendly. Mine and another friends girls are OK and started hugging. All fun and laugher. One thing I can say though..... original boobs and quite good size as well!

The band was also playing but I would not rate them highly. Some songs are OK (Thai songs) and the English songs are really bad. Could not figure out what they are singing and f**king out of tune!!!! Tak boleh tahan lah.......

Left the place at about 2 AM and I am surely quite satisfied with the place. Not the best but OK lah....

Parking : RM 5 Beer (Tower) : NA Singleton : RM 412
Flower (Min) : RM 50 Crown : RM 300 Tequila (Tray) : RM 150
# of PR : ~ 40 Quality of PR : 6/10 Band : Yes
Band : 6/10 Singers : 3/10 Entertainment: 5/10
WIR : Yes Overall :6/10


  1. You should go try Thai Club some day

  2. this club gonna die / close down soon, parking price up from rm 5 to rm 10, keep hire back those old GRO ( mostly work over 4 years above ), some even married already. , most important factor, not sure who lead or teach those GRO working, they prefer to play handphone around rather then take k customer, saw few times those gals gather in one empty table , left 4 table customer without gals, business was very slow with almost no new gals or new customers now

    1. Far from those days when this place was happening..... all the girls standard lah. Lazy already and from those days, got BF and got married already. Far cry from the good old days...... not worth going back there anymore.