Monday 15 December 2014

Sugarbeat @ Hat Yai, Thailand

Attention all mens and boys! For all you that have been to Hat Yai and not been in this pub, you MUST simply visit it! REMEMBER THIS - SUGAR BEAT!

 I was in Hat Yai with a few of my friends and usually, we will go to the "Malaysian/ Tourist" joints. However, this trip, we do not feel like hanging flowers or getting any freelancers. Just wanna chill out. We did some asking around and many of the locals suggested this place.

At our hotel, we stop a Tut Tut and asked for the place. We were charged 30 baht per person. Thats OK I guess as we do not know whether its near or far. The ride only lasted for less than 7 minutes and got to the place. There's a cover charge of 250 baht per person, but you do get a small bottle of cider. So, we sat at the bar at bout 10pm. The bartender is simply magnificent! We just simply could not take our eyes off her! So, the cider was all passed to her. We got ourselves a bottle of whisky - and guess what - they only have Johnny Walker - from Red Label to Blue Label - All JW. So, we ordered a standard Black Label. Get this - its only 1700 baht! RM 170 BABY! The 1Liter bottle is only 1900 baht!!!!! So, as typical Malaysian, 1 Liter lor........ Ice and mixers are seperately charged - think its 50 baht per bucket of ice and 1 bottle of water/ tonic/ coke.

The band only plays Thai songs, so, if you are looking for the typical Thai band that plays in Malaysia with the Beyond and other Chinese songs, this is not the place for you. They also don't play alot of the typical "older" Thai favourites that they keep repeating in all TFC in Malaysia. They play the more "newer" songs and its very very good. Smoking is prohibited in the pub. There's a smoking area provided.

We were standing around the bar and the next table were the everyday Thais. They are seriously friendly and we just cheers with them the whole night. Chatted a bit and many of them are office workers. Cool stuff. Make some new friends there and truth be told, some of us were trying to get lucky and we almost did! The only but is that after 1 Liter of Black Label, we could hardly stand straight. Let's not even fool ourselves on our other capabilities!!!!

Had a hell load of fun with an EXCELLENT Band and EXCELLENT pub!!! All you guys must just try this out!

Tut Tut : RM 3 to RM 5 Beer (Tower) : NA      Black Label : RM 170
Band : 9/10 Singers : 9/10      Entertainment : 9/10
WIR : Yes      Overall : 9/10


  1. hi beside this tfc at hatyai , any other good tfc that u recommend or heard about? thanks

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