Friday 29 April 2016

Napoli Bar & Bistro @ Kepong Menjalara

All the while we have been searching for small TFC joints like 98, club 32 and Samantha's, where it is usually easy going, not aggressive and laid back. Heard there is a small joint like this in Kepong, and went there for a quick nite out.

The place in located in Kepong Menjalara.  Since it is not located in a commercial building, we will just state the address here.  No. 1, Jalan Medan Putra 4, Bandar Menjalara,  There is a hugh tinted glass door where there is a lookout chinese chap outside the joint.  You would missed it even if you want.

Alright, quick to the details.  The place is quite not what you expect when you get in, especially if you are
used to the classy OSS and etc.  It is the total opposite.  The moment you got it the place there will be girls ushering you by locking your elbow.  Some may interpret that as a friendly gesture or good customer relationship building.  Good for you.  However, we think it is because they do not want us to turn back or escape.  Yes, it works both ways.
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The drinks here are expensive, for beers.  RM108 for 3 big bottles of carlsberg.  Well at least it is original, or not. We did not bother to ask for liquor as we reckoned that we are not ready to drink industrial alcohol that night (in our humble opinion).  Honestly, we really dont know if the liquor they serve is any good.

There is a stage but there is absolutely no liveband here.  You could only guess the sole purpose of the stage is such a place.  The music are typical techno electronica, all night long.  Loud.  The ventilation is bad and smokey (even for us smokers).   Patrons are... err... slightly on the seasoned type.  You know what we mean when you get there.

There are about 40 girls here.  50% are Thais and another 50% are Viets.  There is a handful of good looking ones out of the whole lot.  The rest are just err.. rather seasoned.  555 However, there is a "Specialty" in this place.  You can get handsy with the girls (or most of them we assumed) even before you know each other's name.  The culture of this place is definitely different from other TFC joint you seen or been.  We can only assumed that this is the standard approach of the girls.  The girls are so touchy we went back before we could finish our 3rd bottle of beer.  

Perhaps we arent too used of such service but hey, there always market of for every type of people or places.  Nevertheless, please be vigilant if you want express your affection to the girls because some are not err... girls.  To hold hands or hugging should be OK, but do refrain from swapping salivas, well, just be careful. 555 unless you dont mind at all.

Flowers here are normal like other places.  RM50 min and there is also a queen's gown on the stage.  One can only imagine who would have hang that in any circumstances.

We have a saying among us.  There is no Good or bad place.  It s just the shoe that either fits you or not.  We could be inexperienced in enjoying ourself in this place, but you may find it a blast and enjoyable.  

As always, drink responsibly and have a good safe fun guys!